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Rys takes one for the team!

by Nick Haywood on 10 June 2006, 10:11

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A tricky situation....

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It’s hot in Taiwan. It’s hot and humid. It’s hot, humid and sweaty.

So for a native of Scotland, Rys, the temperature and near 100% humidity sees him breaking out in a serious sweat whenever he sets foot outside the air conditioned show halls here at Computex 2006.

So we offer up our thanks to GeCube, who very kindly offered us a drink whilst we were visiting their stand. I declined, having just finished off a bottle of water, but the porous Rys was badly in need of refreshment, so he accepted their kind offer… but he was dropped straight into a political dilemma when the drink was presented to him in front of GeCube’s CEO… he could hardly turn it down now…

Yes, that’s right, he got a can of Pocari Sweat. Lovely. We not sure what a Pocari is, but regardless, you wouldn’t catch me drinking Kiera Knightley’s sweat, let alone a Pocari’s… But the CEO of GeCube is watching, so drink up Rys!

Ahh, I bet that hits the spot, eh?

Check back soon for shots of Rys drinking ‘Old Engine Oil’ and eating Monkey’s Nuts*…. (*again!?... Ed.)


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Double post pls del :D
Hans Voralberg
Double post pls del :D
you wouldn’t catch me drinking Kiera Knightley’s sweat

oooooh the dilemma :p
Contrary to the odd name and translucent-grey color, Pocari Sweat does not taste like sweat

what sort of soft drink is translucent grey???