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AMD will launch Radeon R9 Fury X2 at December event says report

by Mark Tyson on 27 November 2015, 10:06


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We first heard about, and saw a sample of, a graphics cards with a pair of Fiji GPUs at AMD's 'New Era of PC Gaming' presentation back in June. Lisa Su famously held aloft a bare dual-Fiji board during her presentation, a board code named Fiji Gemini. Now it looks like AMD is preparing a launch event for a dual-Fiji graphics card, which will probably be called the Radeon R9 Fury X2.

Graphics card leak specialist VideoCardz reports that AMD is preparing a special event in December to launch the Fury X2. To keep the power envelope of the upcoming card below 300W the Fury X2 will likely host a pair of lower clocked Fiji XT GPUs – akin to having a pair of R9 Nanos on one board. The dual GPU card would, of course have access to 8GB of HBM backed by the processing power of 128 GCN compute units / 8192 stream processors. We also expect the Fury X2 to be liquid cooled.

Further weight is put behind the possibility of an imminent launch of the Fury X2 by none other than Johan Andersson, technical director at DICE. Andersson has previously teased unannounced AMD 295 X2 and R9 290X graphics cards so his latest Tweet would simply continue that trend.

In a Tweet published yesterday, Andersson wrote "Dat feeling when your just arrived closed liquid cooling pre-release GPU turns out to not be so closed after all." The text was accompanied by an image of some blotting paper dappled with blue fluid. It looks like the leak did us a favour by precipitating the teasing Tweet.

December is almost upon us so it shouldn't be too much longer before AMD makes its Fury X2 official. HEXUS will provide more details of any launch event and new hardware as soon as we are allowed to.

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ON TOPIC: what happened to the idea of eliminating cross fire and SLI bridge cables? I JUST want to connect the two or more cards to the the PCIe slots without the need for CXfr-cables
ATI already does that and has done it for a generation.
Already possible
finally something to dethrone the 295X2! I wonder if it'll stay in the power connection spec, like the 295x2 doesn't?
I'm disappointed that the FuryX2 is going to be downclocked to lower speeds as nano. Does this mean some compute units, etc will be disabled?. I don't care if it will suck more than 300w. I want a full fat, highly clocked dual core gfx card. Let it come with 2 cooling plates (one on each gpu) and at least a 240mm radiator. I just want it to sink NVidia's dual core gpu.