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AMD wants you to personalise your Radeon R9 Fury X

by Mark Tyson on 1 July 2015, 16:26


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AMD admits it is "extremely pleased" with the Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card aesthetics and design. Nevertheless it has now opened up some design possibilities to the wider community by releasing a 3D model of the faceplate for you to download, modify and output.

You might well be enjoying the pleasing industrial design of the new AMD Radeon R9 Fury X with its black nickel plated aluminium construction and soft touch flourishes. However if you find the faceplate a bit plain, dreary or even rather too reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S5 'elastoplast' design you now have a solution at your fingertips. AMD has provided a 3D model to allow enthusiasts to create their own perfectly fitting new faceplates. All you need is access to a 3D printing or CNC machine system to output your modified design(s).

The Fury X's faceplate is designed to be removable and is fixed in place with just four hex screws. Despite this simplicity, AMD's product warranty "does not cover damage to your graphics card or system caused in whole or in part by removing, modifying or reinstalling the AMD Radeon Fury X faceplate," so this kind of customisation it is encouraging must be done at the your own risk.

AMD has provided some pretty obvious tips, which include reminding you not to partake in front plate removal whilst the graphics card is in use, and to take the usual ESD precautions.

With such a simple flat component to customise I think AMD should have also have provided 2D illustrator EPS files or similar for non-3D printer endowed folk. I could have printed out that file via my laser printer and used my scroll saw to cut a new Fury X faceplate out of tortoiseshell guitar pickguard material, a flame maple veneer or similar. (I don't own a Fury X though.) Also a 2D file would be a good start for etching, engraving or even pyrographic craftspeople.

If anyone uses the AMD supplied 3D files to make their own designed Radeon R9 Fury X faceplate please post a picture here.

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Really cool.

But that's it. Do you really think anyone's going to actually make one? What about the other real problems AMD has? XD
How about spending time and money on core problems before turning to fluff?
So… I hope this was just an afterthought and not the reasoning behind not allowing custom coolers on the Fury X yet, the latter would be just plain stupid.

This might have some interesting results though, will be interesting to see what custom plates people come up with. Not sure I'd ever bother with myself though, especially due to the card needing watercooling.
How about spending time and money on core problems before turning to fluff?

This probably saved them money rather than added to cost. Simple reference design and just provide a design to download for users to make their own.
How about spending time and money on core problems before turning to fluff?
I can't imagine it took long/cost much. they presumably would already have the CAD for the plate so just a case of converting it to a 3d printer format (which they probably already have a process for when doing the R&D on the card as I bet they prototyped the cooler on a CNC machine.). Probably came out of the marketing budget too…