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Thermaltake show off R600 Water cooling

by Matt Davey on 30 March 2007, 23:05

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Thermaltake show off R600 Water cooling

Hidden right up the back of the Thermaltake stand at the CeBIT show was the first water cooling unit we have seen for the long-awaited R600 from ATi.

There were three things that stuck us about the design of this water cooler, firstly its height and also the fact that it requires memory cooling too, unlike the 8800GTX version shown in the very same picture.

Click for larger image

The last odd thing we noticed was the routing of the water pipes themselves, I mean the cooler unit itself is a little bigger than the 8800GTX and some people are struggling to find space to fit those in their current chassis. The upcoming R600 could cause a few chassis upgrades for buyers too by the looks of it…

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Looks to me like the 8800GTX has RAM cooling too. It's the huge black heatsink attached to the copper bit in the middle. Just harder to see in the picture than the ATI one. :D
Hmmm i'm a potential buyer for this kind of thing and I wouldn't want any block with a fan on it - the whole point is not to have one ;)

I'd want something akin to what i have now - a single block that cools the entire card with waterflow alone.