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Asus unveils GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition GPU

by Ryan Martin on 1 April 2015, 15:30

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Asus has today released a new flagship graphics card based on Nvidia's Maxwell GTX 980 GPU, the company's fifth custom variation of full-fat GM204. While April 1st is clearly a terrible day to launch a new product, we have official confirmation from Asus that its GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition graphics card is no joke, so read on without hesitation.

The Asus GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition, quite a mouthful indeed, sits atop the Asus GTX 980 range which also consists of Matrix Platinum, Poseidon Platinum, Strix and Strix OC variations. Fittingly, the Anniversary Gold Edition boasts the highest clock speed of them all with a 1,317 MHz base clock and 1,431 MHz boost clock using cherry-picked GPUs, though the 4GB of memory is kept at the reference 7,010MHz speed.

The real meat of the new Asus graphics card comes with regard to the power componentry, which is capable of handling up to 350 watts. The GM204 GPU is powered by a 14-phase Super Alloy Power VRM that makes use of 10K black-metallic capacitors, 'concrete-core' chokes and hardened MOSFETs. Importantly, Asus claims that there's 'loads of headroom for experimental performance tuning', and for haters of coil-whine the new Asus card is said to be free from 'distracting whines and buzzes'.

The cooling solution, just like the VRM, is virtually identical to the Asus Matrix Platinum GTX 980. The 20th Anniversary Gold Edition features the same Direct CU II heatsink with a 10mm heatpipe and a pair of fans. The CoolTech fan found on the Matrix Platinum has been replaced by a second standard fan, presumably to provide more cooling capacity but also to allow for a hybrid fan mode. A gold-coloured back plate tops off the premium aesthetic.

For extreme overclockers Asus provides a memory defroster function and a VBIOS Safe Mode button which resets all frequency and voltage changes, handy for when a failed overclock won't play ball. Asus hasn't yet provided pricing or availability information but we suspect the Asus GTX 980 20th Anniversary Gold Edition will be produced in limited quantities and hold an additional price premium over the Asus Matrix Platinum GTX 980, which currently retails for £570 ($640).

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20th anniversary of what?
20th anniversary of what?


It's not an ASUS anniversary (late 80s?) and Nvidia was founded in 1993 so it's not that either.

Edit: 20 years since their first graphics card, from a site that put a bit more effort in to the story :)
20th anniversary of what?

Since the first ASUS graphics card I believe.
The next question is what was ASUS 1st graphics card?
ASUS 3DExPlorer V3000 is the first one I can find that's Asus branded. It's a Riva 128 variant. They (Asus) claim that it added x-ray vision to 3D gaming.

Personally, I was using a Verge at the time, and jumped ship immediately to 3dfx when they became available in ‘97, and really don’t recall much about the early days of Asus. Back then, it really wasn't considered ‘safe’ yet to deal with ‘foreign’ companies, many of which were doing a lot of copyright/patent rip-offs, and doing it in a very poor manner.