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Albatron's passively-cooled card is just the ticket..

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 June 2006, 17:59

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Albatron silences midrange NVIDIA cards

Albatron, probably most famous for its Silver Shuriken motherboard, was showcasing the usual AM2-based wares. What was interesting, however, was its range of passively-cooled NVIDIA graphics cards

The large cooling appendage and heatpipe-based approach allows Albatron to passively cool NVIDIA's midrange 7600 GS/GT SKUs; perfect for the casual gamer who wants a silent system.

We like innovation in any form, and Albatron's card was the pick of the midrange bunch on show. Expect the 'GS model to retail at around Ā£110.


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I like the way things are going to passive and silent computing and appreciate Albatrons work towards that goal, however it is not a unique product, It look just like an existing product I can't quite remeber.