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TOP passively-cooled GeForce 7800 GT 256MB from ASUS

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 March 2006, 10:48

Tags: Asus Geforce 7800 GT, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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PC a little too loud for comfort? Want to hear the birds chirping in your garden? Need to soundproof the room to keep your neighbours from breaking your door down? Don't fret: you're not alone in the quest for a quieter PC.

One of the biggest culprits for making your PC sound like an hoover is the GPU fan. Often spinning in excess of 5,000RPM and necessary to push away the heat produced by modern GPUs, they're a necessary bane for high-end cards, right? Wrong, according to ASUS', who is releasing an NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT card, overclocked no less, with passive cooling. Take a gander at the picture below for some juicy pictorial proof.

ASUS isn't content by simply cooling a bone-stock 7800 GT card. Oh, no. Rather, the ASUS TOP 7800 GT, keeping in with overclocked TOP tradition) is clocked in at 420MHz core and 1240MHz (effective) memory, up from the stock's 400MHz/1000MHz clocking.

The CPU's heatsink connects up to two heatpipes that are then placed perpendicular to the card's PCB, together with a bunch of stacked fins. Sure, you can't use two in SLI mode, due to a lack of space, but it demands attention if you're looking to build a near-silent, yet powerful, gaming rig.