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AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card frequencies exposed at CeBIT

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 March 2011, 22:37


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NVIDIA is being remarkably coy about divulging any details for its upcoming super-duper GeForce GTX 590 dual-GPU graphics card. Indeed, company representatives don't even acknowledge the existence of such a model.

AMD has no such inhibitions in handing out reference Radeon HD 6990 cards - an also-dual-GPU card that's primed to fight the GTX 590 - to its range of partners. A perusal of the CeBIT stands revealed no less than six partners showing the graphics card in its bulky glory.

The busy CeBIT trade show provided an opportunity to quickly sneak a look at the Catalyst Control Centre on what appeared to be a wholly reference HD 6990.

Bear in mind that some information has been blanked to protect the identity of the partner, but it's clear that CCC is reporting a core speed of 800MHz and an effective memory clock of 'just' 4,500MHz. These are significantly lower than a Radeon HD 6970, suggesting, tenuously, that the dual-GPU card may not be quite as monster-ish as first thought.

Then again, these are pre-mass-production cards and CCC's figures may well be incorrect. Let us know if you think the HD 6990 will come in at faster speeds than those reported here.

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Surely the point here is remaining under 300 Watts? If that is so, 800 mhz is higher than I'd have anticipated.
There are two way to take this.

Its not that fast.

And the target market for this is the enthusiast market. The prob imo is that two boards on one card, to have twice the performance would need twice the power (watts).

But this 300watts limit, mean they only can go so high with tech.

If your spending this much your prob going to water cool anyway.

All i can say is:
if they don't have a VRM issues like the 5970,the cpus can share ram and
the card can over clock as well if not better than the 5970.
Not to mention i would like to see a good scaling between the two cards.

If they have all that then i'll be very happy :-)

no i will not hold my breath
Are you forgetting powertune? Any restriction on speeds is likely to help keep the card within official ATX? specifications. If you don't care about that just use powertune to remove or raise the restriction and I bet it can clock up quite well ;)
I think a decent overclock will require a brave partner to release a special edition with 2 8-pin connectors to supply plenty of power: but frankly 800MHz is a good core clock for a dual GPU card staying within ATX spec.

The memory clock looks a little low, I will be a little surprised if that ends up being the release clock given the controller can obviously do 1250MHz+: I can't imagine pushing the memory from 1125MHz to 1250MHz will use that much extra power, comparatively…
I think a decent overclock will require a brave partner to release a special edition with 2 8-pin connectors to supply plenty of power

2x8pin is reference as far as I can see.