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AMD announces Eyefinity-ready DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters

by Pete Mason on 31 August 2010, 16:21

Tags: ATI Eyefinity, AMD (NYSE:AMD), ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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ATI's Eyefinity may be a technological wonder, but to build a three-monitor display means that at least one of screens has to be connected via DisplayPort.  This will often require a new and relatively high-end monitor that supports the connector.

While there are active DisplayPort-to-single-link-DVI adapters out there, they can be quite hard to find as well as relatively expensive.  Hopefully this won't be a problem anymore though, as AMD has announced that partners will soon be releasing dongles specifically for use with Eyefinity set-ups - and best of all, they won't cost a fortune.

The adapters will support resolutions of up to 1,920x1,200px and a 32-bit colour-depth while being compliant with both DPCP and HDCP.  As a result, any protected content will still play on the monitor without any problems.

Moreover, the adapters will be validated by AMD as compatible with Eyefinity multi-display systems, meaning that everything should just work.

No matter how you look at it, stepping-up to an Eyefinity surround-gaming set-up is going to be quite expensive.  However, being able to use a non-DisplayPort monitor that you might happen to have lying around or that you can buy cheaply should make it just a little more accessible to the mainstream.

AMD is pricing the dongle at only $30 (around £23 including VAT) making it extremely affordable and a lot cheaper than currently available solutions.  It may also mean that partners will include an adapter with high-end video-cards as a way of differentiating their products.

While no release date was given, the accessory should be available soon.

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Anyone seen a UK seller of these? I wonder if the new Radeon 6000 series will bundle 1 in with the cards.
excellent news, where will they be available, and under what brand will they be sold?
Why has it taken so long, out of interest?
dunno, but i'd love scan to stock them as i have a 2GB 4870 and three 24" screens.