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RX Vega to launch within next two months says AMD

by Mark Tyson on 25 April 2017, 10:31


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It feels like eons ago since the HEXUS editor-in-chief published his in-depth three page AMD Vega GPU architecture uncovered feature. Then about a month ago we heard, via a Tech Summit in Beijing, that RX Vega was "just around the corner". Official mentions of Vega have been conspicuously absent since that time.

Now at last, we have an official launch date window of sorts, via AMD Poland's Facebook of all things (via WCCF Tech). On a profile picture post promoting Ryzen and Radeon a user asked 'when will Vega be ready?' and got the response 'when it is ready… and it will be this quarter' (see above).

With the launch of the Polaris x2 Radeon Pro Duo news this morning I could hear collective HEXUS readers muttering 'give us Vega already'. According to the 'this quarter' timescale there isn't that long to wait. The regular Q2 consists of April, May and June - and April is nearly over.

Trying to anticipate when, during the next two months, we might get the first whiff of a launch is aided by some big entertainment release schedules. For example, Arkane Studios' Prey is released on 5th May, and Alien: Covenant is also due next month. Both these titles have been cross promoted together with AMD Vega technology. Early May is tantalisingly close. At least that gives us time to revisit all the AMD Vega information we harvested back in January.

In one more information nugget from the source, apparently AMD demoed 'effortless' 8K video editing in Adobe's Premiere Pro CC 2017 software, accelerated by Vega, at the recent NAB show in Las Vegas.

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This should be good
time to start saving, first move ditch the gf so she can't spend savings……
Within two months? Really, it should have launched two months ago. They really are poor at getting stuff to market, especially when there's a nice lull (as Geforce 10** has been out for a good while, now would be a fine time to launch). The longer they leave it, the more chance Nvidia has to develop the successor to Pascal and completely overshadow it. Get. A. Move. On.
All aboard the hype train!

Not before time.. unless it really does live up to the hype?