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Intel reveals desktop Kaby Lake processor lineup

by Mark Tyson on 1 November 2016, 13:01

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Intel's desktop 'Kaby Lake' 7th generation Core CPUs for desktops are expected to be officially revealed in January. However, the corporation has prematurely provided part names, base frequencies and more in a PDF document supplied to manufacturing partners and available publically, if you know where to find it. Yet another partner focussed document provides a sprinkling of details on new supporting Intel 200 series chipsets.

The document detailing the new Kaby Lake desktop chips is described as a 'Product Change Notification'. It has been put together to help manufacturers with purchase order planning and so on, Intel wouldn't want them to be surprised on launch day.

Inside you can find a table with the updated processors listed. I've reproduced the table of new desktop processors above. You will notice that we get to see a list of Kaby Lake Core i5, Core i7, and a new Xeon E3 chip with their associated base clock speeds. Unfortunately juicy information regarding the processor Turbo Boost clocks, core counts, TDPs, and thread counts is missing. Another omission seems to be of any Core i3 chip details…

The top new Core i7 processor from Intel looks to be the Core i7-7700K with a base clock of 4.2GHz. Its 'K' suffix surely denotes an unlocked multiplier and we reckon it will offer a 4C/8T configuration. Intel's fastest Core i5 looks to be the similarly unlocked i5-7600K with a base clock of 3.8GHz. Following Intel 'tradition' it is likely to be a 4C/4T config part.

Pondering over the new Intel Chipset document for partners reveals no surprises. We can see references to various 200 Series chipsets but no further descriptions. There will be a top end enthusiast Z270 chipset with others such as the H270, B250, Q250, and Q270 targetted at various other market segments. The C422 could be a next-gen Xeon supporting motherboard. Lastly, the X299 suggests an upcoming high-end modern chipset replacement for the X99 line.

As a reminder, Intel launched its laptop Kaby Lake processors back in August. We should get the full official details of the 7th generation Core desktop processors from Intel at around CES 2017 time.

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Still no AM4 release AMD - by the time Bristol Ridge is out the Core i3 chips will have a faster IGP compared to current ones.
I've got my eye on that 7600K…
Yawn. Another intel release, another whole new chipset, another tiny uptick in IPC
Yawn. Another intel release, another whole new chipset, another tiny uptick in IPC

You don't HAVE to upgrade every generation… but eventually the improvements stack up and it's worth it, each upgrade tips that balance for a few more people…
Oh what a well timed leak… just as the Zen machine is about to get going.

Well its going to be Zen or Kaby Lake for me my 3570k is getting a bit behind with some tasks.