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Alleged benchmarks of Intel i7-6700K Skylake CPU published

by Mark Tyson on 29 April 2015, 16:01

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A little known Turkish computer tech website has published what could be the first benchmarks featuring an Intel Skylake-S processor. PC-FRM published performance comparison charts which feature the Intel Core i7-6700K head to head against a raft of popular high performance processors from both Intel and AMD. Benchmarks included the likes of PC Mark and games like Battlefield 4.

We carried an earlier story on the leaked Skylake-S CPU lineup information. This new source 'confirms' that the Intel Core i7-6700K is a four physical core and eight thread processor with a base/boost frequency of 4.0/4.2GHz and a TDP of 95W. The processor would seem to be the successor to the Intel Core i7-4790K which has the same 4/8 cores/threads, a slightly higher boost frequency of 4.4GHz, yet a lower TDP of 88W. Happily, both these processors plus the i7 5820K (six cores / 12 threads), i5 6600K, AMD FX9590 and AMD FX-8350 are in the Turkish benchmark comparison tables.

As you can see above the benchmarks encompass 3DMark's CPU tests, Cinebench, PCMark and various games played with an Nvidia GeForce GTX780 providing the GPU grunt. Overall, as other sites have commented, the new Intel i7-6700K Skylake proves to be about 15 per cent faster than the Haswell-based i7-4790K chip.

The new 6th generation Socket 1151 processor will be built upon the same 14nm process as Broadwell and support both DDR4 2133MHz and DDR3L 1600MHz memory. It has an unlocked multiplier as demoted by the 'K' suffix. Roadmaps and plans indicate a launch in mid-August this year.

Remember these benchmarks should be regarded as rumours at best, as the source doesn't link to any other credible sources and seems to be unsupported. Since we just saw similar processor specification details and pictures these could be the benchmark results garnered from some Intel engineering sample doing the rounds.

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The ideal processor for people who's job involves running PCMark every day :D

I think the FX8350 comes out looking pretty good there tbh, considering how cheap it is compared to the i7. I suspect there is more to it than that though.
If they turn out to be true I'm going to be a little disappointed, I was hoping for a little more than what now seems the standard 10% improvement on previous gen CPUs.

Maybe I'm just longing for days gone by. :geek:
I was actually hoping for a little more increase but still better than what AMD have on the market. I'm hoping for good things from the Zen cores they should release close enough to Skylake that Intel coups see a hit if it's actually something good.
Another processor series, another new socket on top…

Although AMD chips are generally cheaper and inferior to the intel counterparts at least they don't demand a new socket therefore new motherboard each time a new one comes out, especially seeing as the performance gains now are fairly minimal compared to what they used to be
Why so happy? Its not a 10% improvement, it could be as little as a 0% or even 5% improvement. Comparing it to the 4790k is not fair. That processor is two generations old, you guys missed the Broadwell generation, the unreleased (desktop) architecture.

These comparisons are useless when you skip a generation, you can not say that it has improved 10% over the last big chip because it was not release. Skylake is compared to Broadwell, Not Haswell. If Haswell was on 22 nm process, and broadwell was on the 14nm, What was the improvement here. 0% maybe or 5% maybe or even the standard 10%. Once we see the Broadwell improvement we can then compare against skylake and only then. If we assume the 10% bump per generation we should be looking at a 20% increase over Haswell and that is worse case possible.

Two years of R&D funding, god knows how much in production and we get a maybe a hand picked 10% improvement. IMO I feel like this is a massive flop on Intels part.