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Intel adds eight new Core i3 and Pentium processors to price list

by Mark Tyson on 21 July 2014, 14:40

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Intel has updated its price lists with a total of eight new low-end and mainstream Haswell processors. The new processors include four Core i3 and four Pentium branded chips. Two of the Core i3 and two of the Pentium processors are low power consumption 'T' suffixed parts. All are 22nm parts designed for Socket 1150 motherboards. CPU World reports that these SKUs will replace those already sold by Intel with clocks upped by 100MHz but the price remaining the same.

Please find below a table showing the new Intel SKUs (from CPU World)

Looking at the cheapest of the processor upgrades shown above, the Intel Pentium G3250 will replace the Intel Pentium G3240 and offer a headline speed of 3.2GHz (rather than 3.1GHz). The max TDP has also been reduced from 65W to 53W according to the Intel site. The new Pentiums are equipped with the Intel Secure Key random number generator. All of the new Pentium parts are dual-core with no hyperthreading. They also all sport Intel HD graphics at the same base/max speeds as previous models.

WiDi goes out the window

At the other end of the table the Intel Core i3-4370 will replace the Intel Core i3-4360 offering a 100MHz clock speed increment to 3.8GHz. This time the TDP has gone up, from 54W to 65W according to the official Intel ARK side by side comparison. These new i3 chips are also equipped with the Intel Secure Key random number generator. I saw no other incremental changes to the graphics chip specifications, for example. However I did notice that support for Intel Wireless Display has been removed in these updated Core i3 chips.

Looking at the new range as a whole, the parts with a 'T' suffix are all rated at 35W TDP with slower top clock speeds than their full power relations. Intel hasn't surprised us by releasing any unlocked Pentium or Core i3 processors in this refresh.

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The marginal increases seem to be getting more marginal :S
Personally I'm not doing any upgrades until haswell-e/broadwell arrive but those 35w chips (4360t would be my pick) look like a nice option for a slightly more powerful home server or media pc :)
i3 4160t .
I have 4130t and im pleasantly surprised by its video capabilities at 1080p.Becomes better and better with each version of MPC-HC and Lav Video.
The only improvement i would wish for next generation is <20w with some new line of passive coolers.
The Intel Ark page lists the 4370 as 65W and the outgoing 4360 as 54W so the TDP has gone up not down, though on Scan the 4370 is listed as 54W TDP.
I initially misread that as “Intel adds new eight Core…” and my attention perked up, only to realise my tired brain had changed the word order around.