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Qualcomm unveils ‘brain inspired’ Zeroth chips

by Mark Tyson on 14 October 2013, 11:00

Tags: Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)

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Qualcomm has revealed a new processor which it has been working on for the past few years. The new processor is said to “mimic the human brain and nervous system”. The chip making firm designed these processors with the aim of enabling future mobile computing devices to be “smarter, anticipate our needs, and share our perception of the world so we can interact with them more naturally”. The new processing architecture which has been created, defined and standardised by the first Qualcomm Zeroth Processor is called the Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

The world’s first NPU, the Qualcomm Zeroth, is said to “break the mould” as it “mimics the human brain and nervous system so devices can have embedded cognition driven by brain inspired computing”. The three main goals of the Zeroth and its successors are that it will:

  • Learn the way biological brains do
  • Enable devices to see the world as humans do
  • Define and create a new class of processor – the NPU

The video above shows a motorised robot equipped with a Zeroth NPU learning the way a human would do, via positive reinforcement (dopaminergic-based learning). The robot is taught that the white squares are good and to avoid the multi-coloured squares via a click of the ‘good robot’ button by an observer as it passes over white squares.

Qualcomm also informs us that a “major pillar of Zeroth processor function” is to work in a similar way to our brains; being controlled by “spiking neural networks”. To this end Qualcomm has worked with neuroscientists to implement the mathematical models of how the brain works into its hardware.

It is foreseen that these NPUs will become part of future SoC designs in a variety of personal technology devices. Users will then be able to train their devices to intelligently undertake certain functions on their behalf.

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SKYNET IS REAL!! the computers will rise up and give us lag i tell you!!! where's my cardboard sign i need to spread this news
Well I for one welcome our new robotic overlords.

I expect the first use won't so much be Skynet as Hitch Hiker's guide. With current technology, doors can *say* they are glad to be of service when they open, but can't truly have the emotion of being glad. This could change all that!

I wonder if it has a pain in the diodes down its left hand side? :D

I do think that Asimov's first law needs more rigour in implementation than pressing “good robot” a bit, wonder if they have thought of that.
I came here to warn of Skynet, glad I am not the only one!
Makes you a more efficient killer, right?
Find the badger, chase the badger, kill the badger. “Good robot”…….. the end is nigh…….. lol.