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Intel plans to slash processor chips by up to 60%

by Steven Williamson on 9 June 2006, 09:27

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According to Bloomberg, Intel are planning to reduce the prices on Pentium processors by up to 60%!

Customers of Intel Corp. said the world's biggest computer-chip maker plans to reduce prices on Pentium processors by as much as 60 percent to reclaim market share from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Intel said it will reduce prices of faster dual-core chips by about 15 percent, according to Alex Lin, a product marketing manager at Micro-Star, Taiwan's third-largest maker of motherboards, which connect electronic parts in computers. Intel also told him that it plans to lower Pentium prices by 60 percent.

Read the full article: here

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the 15% on duallies sounds realistic, but 60%?

I'm assuming that's a marketing figure taken out of context, ie the current lowest-spec pentium will cost 60% less than it did when it came out, possibly?
I think the translation is “hey we won't be able to sell our old processors one we start selling core 2s since they are faster and use less power. I know lets sell the old ones cheep to any suckers who will buy them even though they are pieces of fecal matter”
i think, what they are basically saying is, that once dual core gets going, both AMD and Intel are going to have to cut its prices on single core processors or no one will buy them any more.

but seriously, who needs dual core for office work? then again, you can do that quite well on 166mhz computer……