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Intel Core i7 pre-orders begin to appear, prices start at $340

by Parm Mann on 6 October 2008, 12:43

Tags: Core i7, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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We've tentatively pencilled in November 2008 as a launch window for Intel's Core i7 processors, and with just a month to go, Canadian retailer PCVonline has put up placeholder pages for Intel's trio of upcoming parts.

According to PCV, Core i7 pricing will begin at $339.95, and the launch models shape up as follows:

Model number Intel Core i7 920 Intel Core i7 940 Intel Core i7 965
Extreme Edition
Product code BX80601920 BX80601940 BX80601965
Clock 2.66GHz 2.93GHz 3.20GHz
Cores 4 4 4
Threads 8 8 8
Process 45nm 45nm 45nm
Socket LGA1366 LGA1366 LGA1366
TDP 130W 130W 130W
L2 cache 256KB per core 256KB per core 256KB per core
L3 cache 8MB shared 8MB shared 8MB shared
Price $339.95 $649.95 $1,099.95

Intel itself hasn't yet announced a launch date or estimated retail pricing, but PCV's product pages suggest that an announcement will occur sooner rather than later.

Source: PCVonline.com

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Nice… Not a terrible price too should be less than £200 here
Ocuk have had their prices up for 2 days….UK was actually the first to announce prices this time!
oh and £200 is way too low according to the above….try more like £260
Might be time to upgrade the work PC, depending on how much motherboards are. Is this going to be DDR3 only?
oh and £200 is way too low according to the above….try more like £260

Is £260 the crazy preorder price on OcUK? Once it is properly release the cheapest one may be around £200 (I hope).