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Intel's 8th Generation Core CPUs launch on 21st August

by Mark Tyson on 8 August 2017, 21:31

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A few hours ago Intel officially stated the time and place for the unveiling of the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family (Coffee Lake). Either Intel planned the event to coincide with "the Great American Solar Eclipse", or it was a happy accident that its marketers have grasped, as you can see in the event invite below - "Amazing things happen when all things align".

At 8am PDT (4pm BST) on Monday, 21st August, Intel will take the wraps off the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family. You don't have to attend to taste the news at its freshest as Intel has decided to live stream the unveiling event live via its own Newsroom microsite and its Facebook page.

Intel hasn't given us any new information about its upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs but has provided an outline of its presentation plans. It says that the new processors will offer "blazing fast performance… immersive experiences… [and facilitate] amazing system designs". These claims will be verified on stage by Intel execs, VR creators, and imaging pros using PC system powered by the new 8th Gen Intel Core processors. Finally, the event will be over in time for you to catch the solar eclipse as it starts its way from Oregon in the west across the states.

While Intel is leaving us waiting nearly another fortnight until it unveils the official specs of the Coffee Lake processors and supporting motherboards, we have seen some pretty in-depth leaks about what to expect. The weight of chitter chatter seems to indicate that Intel will step up the core count throughout its consumer range to combat the AMD Ryzen threat. A couple of weeks ago we saw some rumours that the new lineup would include at least a trio of hexacore CPUs, possibly in 6C/12T configuration.

Intel Core i3 with 4C/4T?

At the lower end of the Coffee Lake family there are also signs of significant improvements. If a 'diamond member' of the AnandTech forums is to be believed, the key specifications of the Core i3-8350K and i3-8100 are now known. These are both reputed to be quad core processors but won't offer Hyperthreading, according to the source.

Last but not least, within its official invitation to watch the 8th Generation Intel Core processor family unveiling we are told that we can expect devices powered by these processors to start arriving "in the holiday season and even before".

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Intel's management is woefully inadequate to the new task in hand of actually having a competitor who can match or beat there multi-threaded performance at a massive cost saving. Not to mention that AMD have announced that AM4 will support Ryzen processors for at least three refreshes. Coffee Lake is coming out on another chipset so isn't compatible with 100/200 boards. If you're a monopoly for so long you end up a dinosaur and can't react quick enough and you end up dying a long and painful death. Intel rules no more thankfully there is a new King on the horizon.
Dunno Intel will come back in the game again eventually.. whether if it is Intel or AMD who has the crown doesn't matter too much to me, but I whichever at current point is good and seem solid enough at the given time it is available… then I buy when I see a need for an upgrade.
Hopefully the people that have laptops with a 7700hq won't be that upset as this is a bit fast! Intel suck and only care about the $$$$.

Isn't it about time that people finally understood the difference of there, their and they're?!
What this will potentially cause is a massive shake up in management as investors look at what is happening with the brand loyalty being shaken because of what AMD has done. If they realise what is happening then they will pressure Intel to change their ways because if they don't, they will lose investment.

I think we are likely to see a Lisa Su-esque shame up of Intels CPU management and r&d staff so that Intel is no longer dragging their feet.

I know we all think that Intel probably has a few brand new architectures sitting in the closet but I actually think they don't. This is because Intel are an investor based company so if Intel is found to be wasting large sums of money for no feasible near future reward then it will be shut down. So their may be plans but no further. In which case Intel could be years off of a new uArch that moves them away from the dusty burlap sack that is the Core series. Don't get me wrong, the core series is fantastic but for 8 years it has just been stretched further and further which now makes an “enough is enough” statement.
Intel is at the stage AMD was a few years ago. Outdated architecture in some ways but great in others. The pressure has all been on AMD so let's see what the heat on Intel can do