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Intel Next-Gen Core (NGC) dev team still looking for staff

by Mark Tyson on 4 July 2017, 11:07

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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The Core architecture has done very well for Intel and its investors. However, in recent years the advancements to performance delivered by successive generations of Core processors have been uninspiring for many enthusiasts. It was just over a year ago that Intel officially gave up trying to maintain the Tick-Tock era. The shift from Tick (process) Tock (architecture) to a three step model based upon the progression provided by Process-Architecture-Optimisation didn't really surprise anyone.

Another non-surprise is that Intel is actively working on its Next-Generation Core (NGC) processors. The original Core architecture couldn't remain competitive and/or relevant forever, and Intel is looking for personnel to make its NGC processors as big a step forward as we saw back in 2006. For a reminder, here's a HEXUS review of the first Intel Conroe Core 2 Duo/Extreme Processors.

Motley Fool made note of Intel's latest job advertising for a member of the NGC development team. It says that positions on the team were first advertised late last year and it reckons the NGC project kicked off formally on 1st January 2017. The advert referenced has since been removed…

The text of the Intel job advert asks for candidates that are "passionate about seeing your ideas go from white board to billions of pieces of silicon, join the ground floor of Intel's next-generation core (NGC) design team in Hillsboro, Oregon." Confirming the project goal, the advert says Intel is looking to "build a revolutionary microprocessor core to power the next decade of computing and create experiences we have yet to dream up."

Best guesses for the first Intel NGC processor to ship, according to the investment magazine, are sometime in the 2021 to 2022 time frame. Furthermore, it could well be timed to coincide with the first version of Intel's 7nm manufacturing process, suggests the Fool.

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I don't think Intel would be saying this stuff about a processor design that merely iterates on the company's current technology.

lol, I think that is exactly the kind of fluff Intel would say about a small iteration on the current technology.
lol, I think that is exactly the kind of fluff Intel would say about a small iteration on the current technology.

Quite poss. “We are looking for people to grind out process optimisations to deliver marginal performance gains in consumer and enteprise processors, in a controlled fashion so that we can continue to roll out incremental upgrades to extend the longevity and value of our current IP portfolio over several generations”, just doesn't have enough impact…
Everyone should notice that AMD did a serious wake up call to Intel.
Yeah they're like at a “process, architecture and optimisation” model but in practiicality they're on the same core architecture “optimising” it for more than 6 years now…
I'd guess on this being the post-post-Core architecture project. Remember a few years ago when there were rumblings of a new uArch design with ‘inverse’ hyperthreading (two physical cores that can combine to act as one logical core, either splitting or sharing a job dispatcher)? That'd be the post-Core architecture.