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NZXT launches GRID+ V2 digital fan controller

by Mark Tyson on 14 August 2015, 14:39

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PC chassis and cooling specialist NZXT has released an updated version of its GRID+ digital fan controller, predictably dubbed the GRID+ V2. The device isn't a huge update on the original and many of the tech specs remain the same as with the previous GRID+ device. However NZXT has no stocks of the older device and is selling the GRID+ V2 at exactly the same price as the old one.

The subtle improvements present in this discreet new digital fan controller are its improved CAM software support and the support for individual fan control. Other than that it has the following key features:

  • Six fan ports plus two splitters allowing control of up to eight fans (max 30W)
  • Custom fan naming for user friendliness
  • Present and custom fan profiles which can vary depending upon temperatures
  • Built-in over/under-volt and short circuit protection
  • The device is very compact (73mm square and 18mm thick) for easy internal installation and cable management
  • Mobile app controllability (Android and iOS) planned for 2016

These kinds of fan controllers don't use/require a 5.25-inch bay as they reside totally inside your PC case. That contrasts to units such as NZXT's Sentry 3, which integrates a touch-screen display fan controller into the front of your PC case. In  the pictured example, above, the NZXT GRID+ V2 is attached to the motherboard tray via 3M Dual Lock, but it can be located elsewhere, depending upon your particular system. It requires a 12V, 4-pin Molex power in. All the fan adjustment jiggery pokery is done via the CAM software.

Accessories included with the GRID+ V2 hardware include: 5 x Zipties, 2 x 3-Pin Female to 4-Pin/3-Pin Y extension cables, 1 x Molex to phone jack connector and 1 x Micro-USB cable.

The NZXT GRID+ V2 digital fan controller is available now priced at $29.99 in the USA. In Europe it will be available from next month for £19.99 + VAT. The standard warranty length is two years.

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Okay, so if it is largely the same what are the differences?
Okay, so if it is largely the same what are the differences?
Gah should read better. Roll on the weekend.
Seems to me that fans are used less of late and besides, the motherboard (AT least ASUS) has it's own fan controller which works fine.
I have the V1 Grid+. It's a pretty decent fire and forget controller. Set up your fan curves and forget about it.

The CAM software seems to update fairly often, ironing out any little annoyances.

Pretty good all round
OMG. It just makes me think that there will be more cable clutter. I think I'll pass.