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New Arctic Accelero Hybrid 7970 graphics card cooler

by Mark Tyson on 10 August 2012, 08:45

Tags: Arctic

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Arctic, specialists in powerful yet quiet cooling, have announced a new graphics card cooling solution. The Accelero Hybrid 7970 is a combined air and liquid cooler aimed at owners of AMD 7900/7800 series graphics cards. This new cooling solution features far greater cooling performance than stock coolers and “virtually silent” operation. Arctic says “If you are a computer enthusiast or gamer, you will definitely love its quiet operation and superior cooling performance on your graphics card.” Also you will need a fat wallet…

As the Hybrid moniker suggests this graphics card cooler uses a combination of air and liquid cooling techniques. To this end a quiet 120mm fan is utilised with an even quieter closed-loop water cooling system. Arctic claim the Accelero Hybrid 7970 “…offers an all-in-one solution with 200% cooling performance and is up to 13 times quieter than the stock cooler. It boosts the cooling capacity up to 320 Watts at a fraction of the noise level.” To enhance thermal conductivity the pump utilises a cold plate made of copper, a very good conductor. The cooler kit also comes with high performance MX-4 thermal compound and RAM cooling fins.

The Accelero Hybrid 7970 fits the following graphics cards;

AMD Radeon

  • Series    Chip
  • 7000       7970, 7950, 7870, 7850
  • 6000       6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790
  • 5000       5870, 5850, 5830

The Accelero Hybrid, released a few weeks ago, fits the following cards;

AMD Radeon

  • Series    Chip
  • 7000       7870, 7850
  • 6000       6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 6770
  • 5000       5870, 5850, 5830
  • 4000       4890, 4870, 4850


  • Series   Chip
  • GTX        680* (w/o stacked power socket), 680 (stacked power socket), 670* (w/o stacked power socket), 670 (stacked power socket), 660Ti, 580, 570, 560Ti, 560 SE, 560, 480, 470, 465, 460 SE, 460
  • GT          520

Both the Accelero Hybrid 7970 and standard Accelero Hybrid have 2 year warranties and an RRP of $179. A couple of weeks ago Tweak Town reviewed the earlier Accelero Hybrid solution, the Accelero Hybrid 7970 is more or less the same unit modified to fit a different family of graphics cards. In the review the Accelero Hybrid cooler scored well at 86 per cent with good performance and quality construction but as you might guess the value for money was a bit of a problem. That verdict probably also applies to the Accelero Hybrid 7970 - nice but pricey.

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It says it fits 680s and 670s with and without stacked power sockets…
Its a nice piece of kit but its to focused on silence when its an enthusiast item with a price tag to match. I thik they should have included 2 more powerfull fans(instead of the 1 silent type) with reducer cables to cater for the ‘run in silence’ crowd.
I was looking forward to coolit omni gpu cooler until they went oem, I've been hoping corsair would launch it under their brand but still waiting, this solution does what I want it to but for some reason I just don't like it…