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Asetek intros new all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with miniature 92mm radiator

by Pete Mason on 1 December 2010, 11:07

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Asetek - the company behind Corsair's all-in-one Hydro liquid coolers - has gone back to the labs to develop a slightly different take on its high-performance coolers.

The result is a new series of closed-loop liquid cooling systems that use smaller 92mm fans and radiators, compared to the 120mm units on the older models. This should mean that the radiators will fit comfortably into a wider range of cases and be suitable for a greater number of systems than the 120mm models.

The version that's most likely to turn up in consumer PCs is the 545LC - a single exhaust-port, single-CPU solution designed for high-performance gaming PCs and workstations. The specs and set-up are almost identical to the existing versions, so you can expect the same quiet-operation, high-quality manufacturing and simple installation. Obviously the smaller radiator and fan mean that cooling performance and overclocking headroom are likely to be a little less impressive than on the larger models, but at least noise levels have been kept at a whisper quiet 26dB(A).

The new form-factor has also meant that Asetek could develop dual-radiator models that offer even greater performance. The 565LX is a dual-port, single-CPU cooler designed for 3U servers and workstations, while the 585LX takes the same formula and includes support for two CPUs.

Both twin-port models are available now to system builders and OEMs, but since they're targeted more at the professional and enterprise market, don't hold your breath waiting for a consumer version. The 545LC, on the other hand, should be available sometime in the middle of December, and we wouldn't be surprised if a company like Corsair started offering a retail version soon afterwards.

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More cases these days have 120mm fans rather than 92mm fans … don't see the point myself … but there you go.
More cases these days have 120mm fans rather than 92mm fans … don't see the point myself … but there you go.

I've just got one of the Corsair H50 things, very nice compact design, quieter than the Noctura thing I had and lower temps, although tbh I did swap board/chip/ram so dont really have a lot to base that temp on :)

Very nice easy to fit peice of kit, and the fan fitted straight into my mATX case..
Back in early 2007 I bought a system from Cyberpower with a self-contained Water cooler. It was my first exposure to water cooling. Cyberpower didn't do anything to let me know there is a need to refill these things over time.

My cooler was guaranteed for 2 years, and it worked fine. In the third year my computer progressively got hotter and hotter until one day it got hot enough to shut itself down.

After a day of reading on the ‘net, I learned the cooler had to be refilled…I also learned that it’s >< this close to impossible to find instructions to do so for my cooler.

I eventually figured it out after a day's worth of trying. here in the UK, you can only buy distilled water from Halford's and it's called “Battery Water”. Forget anti-corrosion fluid, unless you want to try using that from a car. You cannot buy isopropyl alcohol at any chemist or drugstore near me. I ended up using “Surgical Spirits”, which use methylated spirits too.

But let me say: it was a *real* bear to refill this unit myself. Water everywhere, including inside the pump's electronics. Restarting the PC gave me a real fright. :surprised: I haven't worried that much since I was opening my first 286 PC for the first time (and had /zero/ money to fix anything I broke).

Steer clear of these “sealed” coolers. In 2-3 years, your computer will need a new cooler as you likely won't be able to refill this one either. :wallbash:

You think you won't have the same computer in 2-3 years? My 2007 computer is still going strong (E6700, 4gb ram, 1TB+ HD, and nVidea 8800GTX graphics means that I won't be able to (or need to) justify getting a new PC for a while now, at least now that the cooler is working again).

From now on, I'm sticking with large air coolers with 120-140mm fans (or tablets/laptops with lower powers CPUs). I don't care if it weighs 20 lbs. How often do I move my proper computer around?
Where does the liquid go in a sealed unit?