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MESH Computers are proud to launch the MESH OWNER’S CLUB

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Press Release

MESH COMPUTERS, LONDON, 13th September 2007

The UK's largest, most durable and successful system manufacturer, MESH COMPUTERS, has today announced the launch of the MESH OWNER'S CLUB in response to customer demand for an in-depth community resource of their own.

MESH's Sales & Marketing Director, Tony Riccardi said "Owners Club is a new online portal for MESH customers to get support from other users, as well as Club moderators, in our range of Club forums. Users can also explore our wide FAQ library and we will soon be adding more, including upgrade guides".

Riccardi explained, "Many will benefit from the support the Owners Club is offering, and you have to remember that the quality of experience offered will grow in line with the number of user registrations. The larger the community, the better the experience for everyone".

Asked if it was hard to locate, Riccardi replied "You can visit the MESH Owners club via the button located on the MESH home page or simply type www.meshownersclub.com into your browser".

Riccardi concluded, "This latest announcement follows hot on the heels of MESH's new partnership agreement with COMET and the announcement of their CUSTOMER PLEDGE to improve service levels across the board. MESH continue to succeed in the toughest markets because we understand what our customers want, we listen and are able to respond rapidly".