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MESH Announce XHD Range Of Systems

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Press Release


MESH Computers are proud to announce a brand new range of performance systems called MESH XHD – focused around AMD's latest Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card.

With system units starting from as little as £999 including VAT and a 12-month onsite warranty, these computers are priced to attract gaming enthusiasts who are looking for outstanding performance today – as well as full DX10 compatibility for the stack of next-generation games that will be released during 2007.

Driven by AMD's Platform Advantage initiative, MESH have selected these specifications carefully to ensure that they are Better By Design for all kinds of High Definition processing work – including gaming, graphic design & multimedia.

Commenting on MESH's commitment to performance enthusiasts, General Manager Tony Riccardi said "Our expertise in creating high performance PCs at sensible prices has allowed us to attract and retain an installed user base of several hundred thousand customers".

Riccardi explained, "Although not every system we sell is originally designed as a gaming rig, almost every MESH PC will see games running on them at some stage".

"All of our systems have gaming capability - but the new MESH XHD range, with its complete AMD Platform Advantage and Radeon HD 2900XT graphics acceleration, will set new standards in DX10 game play while offering outstanding bang for buck".

The MESH XHD 6000 features an AMD X2 6000+ processor, 2GB of system memory and is priced at just £999 inc vat. That price includes a 19" widescreen monitor.

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…MESH XHD range, based upon AMD's HD2900XT graphics solution…
Looking at the pricing for the whole system, it seems to suggest that the 8800GTS 640MB and HD 2900XT are interchangeable in terms of price

The HEXUS testing on the HD 2900XT showed it beating the 8800 in Quake (:surprised:) and Splinter Cell, but losing in FarCry

So, I guess, which way you go with the cards will depend on what kind of games you like playing

Wonder how long before Tarinder exposes a flash of DX10 in-game results ?