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AVADirect Now Offers Intel E5 Xeon Servers & Workstations

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Twinsburg, OH - March 9th, 2012 - AVADirect, a leading custom computer integrator, is now offering the latest Sandy Bridge-E based E5 Xeon servers and workstations. The design of the E5 Xeon processor is directly related to the vastly growing data center industry as we know it. Oriented toward new cloud-connected features, the Xeon E5 processors will help drive the server and workstation industry like never seen before. E5 processors are offered in three variants: Quad-core, Six-core, and Eight-core chips will help end-users decide what should be utilized for the task in mind. Intel offers a wide variety of E5 Xeon processors, the E5-2603 quad-core being the low-end of the spectrum, and the E5-2690 eight-core providing high-ranked performance over previous Xeon processors.

It is also very important to note power consumption will increase with the capabilities of each chip, but this also creates numerous possibilities for a multitude of configurations. To introduce a more unique experience for each end-user, AVADirect provides over 1000 different combinations of components for configurations that feature the E5 Xeon processors.         

AVADirect currently offers four different configuration types featuring the latest E5 Xeon series processor chipset. Servers (1U, 2U, and 4U/Pedestal), manufactured by Supermicro, and workstations (a Graphics Computer Workstation and Tesla HPC Personal Supercomputer). Businesses interested in taking advantage of AVADirect's ability to build complete server systems will find their ability to install up to 512GB of RAM, create extensive RAID arrays, have many of the first server systems to feature USB 3.0 ports.

Those seeking to take advantage of workstations provided by AVADirect's distinctive, in-depth attention to detail have the option to create a Graphics-oriented configuration with support for two E5 Xeon processors, up to 256GB of RAM, and four high-end graphics processing units in SLI or Crossfire. The Tesla HPC Personal Supercomputer configuration offers the same features, but with support for Tesla cards to approach computational applications, that are heavily intensive, with ease. AVADirect will continue to add components and choices to the above mentioned configurations to continuously provide the most custom systems offered in the industry.   

About Us

AVADirect is a privately owned custom computer manufacturer based in Twinsburg, Ohio, (within close proximity to Cleveland) specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of personalized high performance computer systems. The systems span the spectrum from Windows or Linux manageable and highly-reliable servers, to high-end workstations and gaming systems, to business PC's, notebooks and barebones systems and parts, focused on the commitment to meet the everyday demands of the marketplace, while creating a footprint within the industry.

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