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AVADirect Now Offers ATI HD 7770 & 7750 Graphics Cards

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We recently added the ATI HD 7770 and HD 7750 series graphics cards to our website. The 7770 series cards offer a cheaper alternative than Nvidia's GTX 560 Ti graphics cards.

Although, it does not provide the exact same performance, it does come close when performance is compared dollar to dollar; you are technically getting what you pay for. As for the HD 7750, it offers performance comparable to the GTX 550 Ti series graphics cards; once again, dollar per dollar performance.

These cards should be considered for those who want decent gaming performance in a small form-factor configuration without having to worry about temperatures, or power consumption. Power consumption, especially, is something you need to worry about in smaller configuration specifically due to the proprietary power supplies that come included.

Shuttle is an advocate of doing this, and many other manufacturers. These cards look to be great for those on a tight budget, or all you heat-hating enthusiasts that want great performance without the large price tag.

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