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Stylish and Compact Barebones System Brings Gigantic Performance and An Unsurpassed Level of Multimedia Control Into Your Living Room

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 14, 2004 – AOpen® Inc., an award-winning, global leader in PC component design and manufacturing, is bursting onto the small form factor PC market with a cool new twist to its popular and award winning XC Cube barebones system, AOpen XC Cube EA65-II. The sleek, incredibly compact, and powerful personal computer convergence with the ultimate home theater hub finds appeal with urban style connoisseurs, students, women, avid computer enthusiasts, and even the most hardcore gamers by offering users a one-stop home entertainment experience.

XC Cube EA65-II delivers an unsurpassed level of multimedia control and is intended to be the core of the digital home entertainment center. With a click of a mouse or touch of a handy remote control designed to mimic those for home entertainment electronic equipment, users can watch TV, download and record video files, surf the Web, and much more. Users can instantly select the playback mode, choose tracks or chapters, and control volume while watching movies or listening to music, all from the comfort and convenience of their living room. The XC Cube's processing power also makes it an ideal PC to play games.

The system comes in stately black, a sleek consumer look and feel, and an attractive compact form, just a quarter of the size of a regular PC. Set off against the black front control panel is a silver-hued MODE button. The XC Cube also features a large vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) that shows the functionality in use. At night users can turn on the night light on the XC Cube's front panel.

"We believe that we have set an entirely new standard in small form factor computing by providing a powerful system equipped with a lot of options that appeal to everyday PC users, and makes a real fashion statement," said James Huang, President of AOpen America. “You can now easily connect your entire home to a single PC and control your entire household entertainment functions, whether it be watching television or DVDs, to storing, downloading and playing music, which will provide all entertainment requirements."

XC Cube EA65-II offers cutting edge style, modern and appealing design, ease of use and installation, top performance, multimedia capabilities, and processing performance. The system features a remote control, media buttons on the system panel and a seven-in-one media reader, enabling users to read directly from the most popular memory cards used in today's digital appliances. The system offers 3 - 2.0 USB ports for additional expandability to CD or DVD burners, flash drives, digital audio recorders, a range of USB peripherals, and two IEEE 1394 ports to easily connect digital camcorders.

XC Cube EA65-II includes the case, motherboard and power supply. Users can add their own CPU, drives and memory to complete their custom system. It's motherboard is based around the Intel 865G chipset which allows for use of 400/533/800MHz FSB processors, 266/333/400MHz Dual Channel DDR, on board VGA, Sound and NIC.

The XC Cube EA65-II includes an AGP 8x video card for snappy display performance. It features ultra-silent operation; highly-efficient thermal solutions to keep temperatures low for optimal performance; a comprehensive roundup of I/O ports; and a power rating of 275 watts.

The XC Cube EA65-II - Socket 478 at 800MHz FSB Intel CPU, 400/533/800MHz FSB with the Intel 865G+ICH-5 chipset has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $450. The XC Cube EA65-II comes with a 1-year limited warranty. For more information about the XC-Cube Series from AOpen, please visit the AOpen Web site at: http://www.aopen.com.