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London, UK – 18th August 2009:
MESH Computers today announced the launch of its CUTE range of FULL HD systems, in a variety of colours, with prices starting at just £399 inc vat.

Armed with a Blu-Ray drive, Radeon HD graphics and a DVB-T Tuner, this system defines a new usage model for the 21st century... one in which consumer-friendly PCs are affordable, fully featured and provide a full set of multi-media functionality through a customer’s existing HD TV.

The unit itself uses a mini-ITX chassis available in 4 colours (Red, White, Blue and Black), with a 2.7GHz dual core AMD processor and AMD 780G chipset mainboard – which features the Radeon HD 3200 graphics processor (includes Avivo visual processing technology).

The Blu-Ray drive plays full HD films, silky smooth at 1080p, as well as allowing the creation of CDs and DVDs – all of which is made easy through CyberLink’s Blu-Ray Suite (supplied).

Tony Riccardi, Sales and Marketing Director for MESH Computers said, “When you consider that customers can pay hundreds simply for a Blu-Ray player in their living room, the MESH Cute solution is a bargain. It’s a great little PC that draws around 100w – so it’s economical too”.

“You also need to consider the new usage models for the living room. Wanting to see Youtube videos or music with your family and friends, watching things on iPlayer that you may have missed as well as having a huge additional hard drive for recording TV programmes through the DVB-T card”.

Speaking about the raw processing power of the new MESH Cute range, Riccardi said “With a dual core AMD processor running at 2.7GHz, there’s plenty of power under the Cute’s tiny bonnet”.

Available immediately in 4 colours, the MESH Cute starts at £399 inc vat.