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MESH Masters ‘Dragon Style’ with Launch of Radeon HD 4890-Powered Systems

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London, UK: 2nd April 2009

MESH Computers, the UK’s number one award winner and global leader in the design and manufacture of AMD-technology systems, today announced the launch of a brand new breed of Dragon-platform systems, powered by the ATI Radeon HD 4890.

“It is a fact that no one has won more awards for AMD-powered systems”, said MESH’s Sales and Marketing Director, Tony Riccardi. “It’s easy to see why. ATI has delivered the fastest graphics core in the world and our engineers have wasted no time in putting that massive visual capability to good use”.

“At the same time, ATI’s aggressive pricing has allowed us to debut one of these Radeon HD 4890 based systems for only £899”, said Riccardi.

Commenting on the multiple clock speed options available, Riccardi said “It’s great. Customers love it. The sight of twin turbo, Radeon HD 4890 cards, in a CrossFire configuration, puts a smile on an enthusiast’s face that’s hard to beat. After all, how often do any of us decide to buy the fastest graphics core in the world?”.

Riccardi was quick to point out just how many customers are in the market for MESH’s Dragon-powered systems, “In stark contrast to the overall slump in the market, we’ve seen a significant increase in sales so far this year. A huge part of that success has been the balanced performance offered by AMD’s Dragon Platform systems. Initial scepticism about Dragon as a viable platform has disappeared as people see just how well it performs, pound for pound, against competing solutions”.

Available immediately at www.meshcomputers.com, the MESH XTreme II (single Radeon HD 4890 at stock clocks) and MESH XTreme II 4890 TT (dual Radeon HD 4890 cards at Turbo Clocks), are priced at £899 and £1,399 respectively.


MESH’s UK showroom is at MESH House, Oxgate Lane, London NW2 7JA and is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Sales line is 08447 36 04 40.