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The New 13.3inch Zeus Tablet PC from HANNspree.

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UK. 16th February 2021.Consumer electronics manufacturer and display specialists, HANNspree, introduce a new, big screen model to their range of tablet PCs. The Zeus HANNspree PAD delivers a highly visual tablet PC experience with a 13inch display letting you see more!

Never before have so many people in a household relied on technology daily. Homeschooling in particular has seen screen time increase substantially, with distance learning being presented through the likes of Google Classroom and many lessons taking place in virtual conference apps such as Zoom. Tablet PCs are one of the most inexpensive options to cater for everyone’s tech needs, but size is often a hinderance. Zeus offers more screen space to let you better enjoy a multitude of apps, be more productive in home-schooling programmes and boost your entertainment experience. Whether you want to extend the view of your emails, documents, and games, or interact with multiple multimedia applications simultaneously with ease, this super-sized 13.3inch display improves the handheld computing experience.

Zeus offers the very best touch screen technology to enhance your user experience. The highly responsive 10-point capacitive display with advanced touch technology supporting multi-gesture touch and swipe control delivers flawless and speedy taping, dragging, and swiping. The 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1080P ensures stunning picture quality for all content, while IPS display technology lets multiple users share the display from wide viewing angles without picture distortion. 

Featuring an Octa Core processor with powerful on-board graphics and 3GB RAM, Zeus boasts seamless super performance for fast, uninterrupted work and play. Zeus is powered to support the latest Android OS (10) and the demanding applications of today and tomorrow, such as web browsing and email, apps and services, global navigation, and 3D games.

The sheer volume of apps, multimedia and documents used on Tablet PCs today requires plenty of storage space. Zeus includes 32GB internal memory and supports an additional 128GB via Micro SD - which will be essential for taking photos and making and sharing incredible videos with the on-board dual 5MP cameras.

Connecting to the internet is of course a must, Zeus includes a Dual-Band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n+ac so can easily connect to either a common 2.4GHz wireless router or the much lesser used, and therefore more reliable and speedier, 5GHz wireless router.

Because connecting to other devices expands the computing experience… Zeus includes Bluetooth 5.0 to enable wireless connectivity with compatible devices such as headphones and hearing aids and enables your content to be shared quickly and easily between devices without cables or relying on internet connections. Further connectivity includesMicro USB 2.0so that you can connect a mouse, keyboard, memory stick or other external USB-device, andUSB Type-Clets you connect to supporting hardware for USB charging and direct device-to-device interaction. For example, you could extend your display with a HANNspree portable monitor. If you require an even superior view of your screen content, Zeus can connect to a compatible TV, monitor or projector via the mini-HDMI port for instant, convenient extra- large video, gaming, or presentation.

Zeus comes as standard with a specially designed case which folds into a versatile stand for more comfortable typing, emailing, gaming or video watching. The flip cover case keeps your tablet PC protected. It has a super soft inner lining to protect against dust and scratches, and a practical design to allow you to easy access all buttons, controls, cameras, and ports.

The new all-inclusive Zeus HANNspree Pad is ready to take on the demands of today’s everyday user, with more display space than most tablet PCs to expand and improve the mobile computing experience. For more details visit: https://www.hannspree.eu/product/hannspad-13-3-zeus/