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HighPoint to Showcase Thunderbolt Product Lines at CES 2014 – Unparalleled SAS/SATA Thunderbolt™ & USB Storage Performance Solutions

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For over 18 years, HighPoint has been at the forefront of the storage industry. Our market-proven RAID and HBA technology power storage configurations world-wide; from enterprise-level servers and professional media applications, to personal storage. We manufacture an extensive range of ThunderboltTM, SAS, SATA and USB 3.0 storage connectivity devices for Business, Media, and Consumer applications.

HighPoint at CES 2014

We will be showcasing an extensive selection of all-new and existing Thunderbolt TM Storage Performance products at CES 2014, in Las Vegas Nevada, January 7-10. Our ThunderboltTM Storage Solutions are designed to maximize performance and capacity of 6Gb/s storage devices over ThunderboltTM connectivity for Mini-SAS, eSATA, and USB 3.0 interfaces.

Visit HighPoint at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 booth 20226. We hope to see you there!

ThunderboltTM Storage Solutions

Powered by our Industry-Proven RAID & storage technology and Intel's revolutionary ThunderboltTM connectivity, HighPoint Thunderbolt TM Product Lines represent the industry's most versatile, high-performance storage solutions. HighPoint Thunderbolt Storage Solutions are a convergence of performance, simplicity and flexibility!

ThunderboltTM Storage Docks:

The RocketStor 5212 is the industry's first Certified dual-bay 10Gb/s ThunderboltTM powered Storage Dock

for Mac and PC Windows Platforms, and is an ideal external storage solution for high-speed SSD's, high-capacity HDD's, and performance-intensive storage applications.

ThunderboltTM Rackmount RAID Solution Bundles:

Merge market proven RAID expertise with the versatility of ThunderboltTM powered storage chassis, and allow any ThunderboltTM capable host to support up to 96TB of RAID storage via a single connection! ThunderboltTM Rackmount RAID Solution Bundles are available with 16 or 24 removable drive bays, and are powered by our industry-proven RAID technology and Storage Management suites. The customized cabling included with each bundle simplifies installation, expansion and recovery procedures.

ThunderboltTM PCIe Expansion Chassis:

HighPoint's NA211TB/NA211TB-LD adds PCIe expansion and storage capability to any ThunderboltTM host platform. The compact, stylish, all-in-one enclosure design supports three full-height, full-length PCIe cards, and is ideal for external storage & device expansion when paired with HighPoint ThunderboltTM Aware HBA's. Our extensive range of ThunderboltTM Aware storage HBAs are available for Mini-SAS, eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity, and powered by our industry proven technology for Hardware RAID and Value-RAID applications .

ThunderboltTM Adapters:

HighPoint ThunderboltTM Adapters add external hardware RAID storage to any ThunderboltTM and Thunderbolt 2 host platform. Each adapter directly supports 8 SAS/SATA drives, and up to 128 via SAS expansion. The integrated Hardware RAID-On-Chip Architectures and comprehensive Storage Management Suite allow customers to optimize storage performance, security and capacity for I/O intensive applications.

USB 3.0 Storage Solutions

Our 3rd generation USB 3.0 HBA's, and 2nd-gen USB 3.0 storage docks are the fastest USB 3.0 storage solutions on the market; Available for PC & Mac, powered by the latest iteration of our industry-leading 5Gb/s Per-Port Performance Architecture with UAS support, and capable of delivering over 1.2GB/s of real-world transfer performance!

Why Choose HighPoint?

For over 18 years, HighPoint Technologies has been a pioneering force in the storage industry, delivering a wide range of storage controllers for all levels of production; from Chipsets & RAID HBA to today's external Storage & Adapter Device Solutions. Our hardware and FW engineering teams have been at the forefront of the storage industry for the better part of two decades.  We specialize in performance oriented user-application focused design, development and manufacture, and continuously work to improve our products based on direct feedback from our valued customers. Over the years, we have forged strong alliances and technology partnerships with industry-leading storage providers, which enable us to quickly deliver the latest in storage technology to the global marketplace.

Product Design Philosophy: Taking the Complexity and High Cost out of today's Cutting Edge Storage Technology

HighPoint understand the importance and appeal of high performance in today's marketplace. HighPoint's mission is to deliver quality, cutting storage performance at affordable price points - from business and professional media applications, to personalized solutions for the home enthusiast and power user.