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May 23rd, 2013, China - BIWIN, a world-leading expert in the development and manufacture of flash memory, will participate in Taipei's international computer trade show, COMPUTEX from June 4th to the 8th. The company will be presenting their latest SSDs based on the new Intel lead standard of Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF). They will be located at Booth No. J0218.

The new Intel designed NGFF solution came out of the desire of ultrabook manufacturers to integrate a very low profile SSD into their products. NGFF will be thinner than mSATA and will be available in five different PCB lengths ranging from 30mm to 110mm to accommodate more NAND components. BIWIN is providing new solutions based on this new form factor.

The NGFF has 3 major advantages for the industrial market. The first is that of a smaller and slimmer profile. NGFF supports 22x30mm, 22x42mm, 22x60mm, 22x80mm and 22x110mm five size ranges to fit for different sizes of mother board. Compared with the same capacity mSATA SSD, the NGFF SSD is only 2/3 the size and thickness is reduced by 50%.

The second advantage is support a variety of interface protocols. Compared to mSATA the interface specification is more diverse with NGFF. NGFF has two sockets. Socket 2 supports SATA and PCI-Ex2 while Socket 3 supports PCI-Ex4 and above.

The third advantage is that larger possible capacities. Different motherboard and capacity requirements will determine the type used. A longer type means that you can mount more flash memory chips and offers the possibility for large-capacity SSDs. Currently BIWIN is offering three NGFF sizes at 22x42mm, 22x60mm and 22x80mm. These products will be SSDs for ultrabooks and tablet PCs for 2013.

BIWIN is welcoming all partners and members of the media to visit them this year at COMPUTEX to learn about their products and create new relationships and contact opportunities.


Date: 2013, June 4th to 8th
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center - Nangang Exhibition Hall (No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd.)
Booth Number: J0218

To learn more about BIWIN's products, or to inquire about distribution opportunities for the industrial market in the USA, Japan, Germany, or Russia, visit them at: BIWIN.com.cn.


Founded as an electronic product manufacturer in Shenzhen, China 1995, BIWIN specializes in producing flash storage products, including USB flash drives, Compact Flash cards and solid state drives. With 18 years' industry expertise and a strong team with over 150 skilled engineers, BIWIN develops its leading edge flash storage products completely in-house, including industrial design, tooling, molding, PCB design and assembly and housing development. Manufacturing is conducted according to strict quality standards to ensure consistently high quality products.