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A-DATA Launches 3.5-inch RAID Enclosure to boost your SSD performance up to 1.5 times

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A-DATA Launches 3.5-inch RAID Enclosure to boost your SSD performance up to 1.5 times

Released by A-DATA Technology

Date: June 4, 2009

A-DATA Technology Co. Ltd,
the worldwide leader in DRAM module and Flash Application products, will be launching SSD 3.5” RAID enclosure, EX 92, at Computex 2009, boosting your SSD performance up to 1.5 times. EX 92 is aimed at users who like to expand their SSD performance. With its RAID function, EX 92 expands the portfolio of SSD solutions by providing storage expansion, backup solution and increasing your SSD performance tremendously.  

A-DATA has been a leader in providing the most efficient and workable solution for SSD storage device. Its high performance SSD series includes XPG SSD SX94 series and 2.5” SATAII SSD S592 of SSD 500 series with read/ write speed to 230/160 MB per second. Ex 92
is a complete RAID solution that utilizes two 2.5” SSDs and/or HDDs mounted on one standard 3.5” form factor drive cage. The SATA connectivity provides easy and direct access to desktop. Besides, by utilizing its DIP switch, users can determine their requirements and easily set-up four different kinds of RAID modes: RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD and Normal. RAID 0 mode is to achieve high performance by accumulating each SSD performance; RAID 1 mode provides drive synchronization; JBOD mode combines two SSDs storage space into a single one with larger capacity; Normal mode allows two SSDs function seperately. Moreover, the heat-resistant aluminum case can prevent system from over-heating. Also, EX 92 features a safety lock mechanism that allow users to lock up the storage drives keeping the drives fully secured and safe when they are in operation. 

 Under HDBENCH testing, RAID 0 mode boost read/write speed of XPG SSD SX93 up to 53% and 77% respectively, 1,5 times in comparison with normal mode (see exhibit). With RAID function, user may also chose to convert two 2.5" SSDs into one to maximize performance. Ex 92 is also reasonably priced to facilitate users looking for a performance upgrade. EX 92 is the latest and hottest solution for anyone looking for boosting SSD performance up in today’s market.      





Performance Upgrading %


152.154 MB/S

233.789 MB/S



92.169 MB/S

163.578 MB/S