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TEAMGROUP Launches Three Types of Unique USB Drives

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TEAMGROUP launches three new types of USB drives that cater to various storage demands today: C212 Extreme Speed Drive, the fastest USB drive in the industry with a stunning storage capacity of 1TB, M211 OTG Flash Drive, a special portable drive equipped with dual interfaces, and C211, a compact USB drive with a tasteful design. TEAMGROUP offers the best options across different transfer rates, storage capacity, functionalities and styles, fully meeting various personal storage demands. With a USB drive in hand, one can carry a massive amount of data with ease.

C212 Extreme Speed Drive — High-speed Transfer, Vast Storage

In a world dominated by audiovisual data, convenience and efficiency matter, and every second counts. With the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 high speed interface, the 1TB C212 Extreme Speed Drive transfers data faster than any other USB drive in the market. With the reading speed at 600 MB/s and writing at 500 MB/s [1], a 10 GB high quality audiovisual file can be transferred in only about 30 seconds. C212 is highly compact and portable, and it revolutionizes storage solutions by offering high transfer speed and enormous storage capacity on par with those of external SSDs while weighting just 9 grams. Furthermore, the C212 Extreme Speed Drive is built with patented easy push-and-pull design, amplifying the strength by 10% [2], allowing users to access huge amount of data with a gentle nudge.

M211 USB 3.2 OTG Flash Drive — Reinventing Interfaces, Unbinding Transmission

Lightweight and compact, the M211 USB 3.2 OTG Flash Drive comes with USB Type A and Type C dual interfaces with the reading speed up to 150MB/s, allowing data to transfer freely across Android devices, tablets, desktop computers, and Macs. As data transfer is no longer limited by the types of interface, users can release the storage of their devices in a timely manner. M211 adopts a newly patented foldable design, so users don’t have to worry about losing the cap. Made with COB (Chip on Board) assembly technique, the body of the drive is both waterproof and dustproof, safeguarding the data it holds.

C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drive— Carrying Data with Style

Made with aluminum alloy and covered in oxford blue, the C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drive reflects a pursuit of style and fashion with its modest yet sleek design, while being firmly durable. Its cap can be secured on the other side of the USB Drive, so users don’t have to worry about missing the caps. C211 is available in different storage capacities, up to 256 GB. With USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, it transfers data at extremely high rate and is able to handle all kinds of audiovisual files, including 4K videos, pioneering in fashion and taste with high performance and durability.

With these three new types of USB drives, TEAMGROUP leads the trend in speed, storage, interface, and style, offering users meticulously designed storage solutions. Please see TEAMGROUP’s official website to learn more.


[1] The above read/write data was measured with 1TB via Crystal Disk Mark 8.0.1, and the actual transfer seconds were the result of the first test after the USB drive was formatted as exFAT through the native USB3.2 Gen2 interface of the motherboard.

[2] The structure has obtained the Taiwan invention patent, the patent number is I672986. The 10% strength assist mentioned in the article is based on the comparison with TEAMGROUP’s C141/145 USB drive.




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