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Silicon Power Joins Flash Memory Summit as Industry Influencer

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Silicon Power will attend this year's Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California for the first time. The event, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from August 7th to 9th, is the premier exhibition and networking opportunity in the flash memory industry.

Becoming a Leader in Flash

Since 2006, the event has been a popular who's who in the flash memory industry with giants like Toshiba, Verizon, and Micron in attendance. But, it will be Silicon Power's first year to attend. The event will be packed with founders, researchers, CEOs, executives, distributors, influencers, and sponsors. This presents attendees with a unique opportunity to see some great embedded and industrial solutions and connect with Silicon Power representatives. Attendees can visit the Silicon Power team at Booth 947. The company will be showcasing customizable embedded memory solutions which include PCIe NVMe2.5¡¨SATAmSATACF/CFastmicroSD/SD, and DRAM modules.

Alvin Yu, Silicon Power Product Manager, adds:

We welcome the chance to be more proactive in flash memory and strengthen our role in the industry as an innovator and leader. The Flash Memory Summit is a great opportunity for both. 

Flash Memory's Biggest Opportunities

In addition to speaking one-on-one with the Silicon Power team, attendees will be at one of the best networking events in flash memory. They¡¦ll hear keynotes, game-changing technology updates, forecasts, and roadmaps for non-volatile memory (NVM), as well as learn the latest storage design trends. The 2018 Flash Memory Summit is an important opportunity to discover inside information about the industry during several event highlights including:

  • Industry-recognized award ceremonies that give winners the opportunity to effectively build their brand and image as innovative leaders in the marketplace
  • One-on-one chats with a large number of experts within the flash memory industry and networking luncheons, receptions, raffles, and more opportunities
  • Flash Memory Summit ¡§Pitch Party¡¨ events where businesses can pitch to and get feedback from the experts 

Silicon Power is excited to attend this exciting event in an industry it continues to build and innovate. Stop by and chat with the Silicon Power team at Booth 947 at the Santa Clara Convention Center between August 7th and 9th.

For further information, please visit the Flash Memory Summit website or the Silicon Power website.