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Drobo Launches Lightning Fast 5D3

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The 5D3 is part of the Drobo DAS family of products, the only direct-attached storage solutions with unlimited expandability 

SANTA CLARA, CA. – June 27, 2017  – Drobo®, the maker of award-winning storage solutions for businesses, professionals, and consumers, announced the launch of the Thunderbolt™ 3, Drobo 5D3. The new 5D3 has up to a 2X performance boost over the award-winning and best-selling, Drobo 5D. This is the 8th new product released after new management took over in 2015, and the 2nd new product in 3 months (the Drobo 5N2 was released in March). The 5D3 has an unparalleled feature set, to supercharge and simplify creative workflows including:

● Two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one USB 3.0 Type-C port
● BeyondRAID® Technology for storage simplicity and easy expansion
● Upgraded processor for increased speed and throughput
● Support for two 4K monitors or one 5K monitor
● mSATA Accelerator Bay for performance boost
● Two-year warranty

“The 5D3 is a direct result of working with our creative customers to make their workflows more efficient and productive,” said Drobo CEO, Mihir Shah. “We pride ourselves in setting the standard for storage simplicity with automated, easy to use, and reliable data protection.”

Lightning Fast For Creative Workflows
Today’s creative professionals and small businesses need superior performance and high capacity storage for fast media creation and editing, as well as a central backup location.

The 5D3 is a direct response to this need, using Drobo’s award-winning BeyondRAID technology and the latest Thunderbolt 3 interface. The enhanced speed and power of the latest Thunderbolt connectivity, allows for more pixels and clarity on 4K/5K displays for editing ability. Drobo 5D3 users also can daisy chain up to six Thunderbolt devices, and have enough power to charge a laptop.

Designed With the Customer in Mind
Drobo products are designed to be simple, safe, and smart. This philosophy places the customer first by providing an easy to use and manageable solution. The 5D3 is no exception. The elegantly designed metal array, features carrier-less drive bays, a magnetic faceplate, and intuitive LED display for intelligent management. For even more power, the mSATA Accelerator Bay increases performance by over 30% for frequently accessed data.

“We understand that creative professionals and consumers have storage needs that change over time,” said Drobo CTO, Rod Harrison. “Drobos are the only direct-attached storage arrays on the market with unlimited expandability. Users have the ability to choose the drives that fit their capacity, brand and price preferences.”

Price and Availability
The Drobo 5D3 is available today at an MSRP of 749 GBP through select channel partners.

About Drobo 

Drobo makes award-winning storage solutions that provide an unprecedented combination of data protection, expandability, and ease of use. Based on the patented and proven BeyondRAID technology, Drobo delivers the best storage experience ever for hundreds of thousands of consumers, professionals, and businesses. For more information, visit our site.