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PC World Launches ‘iPad Media Streaming’

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Enjoy your music, video and photos on your iPad, wherever you are!
PC World unveils new revolutionary software for the iPad
First Apple approved service of its kind from a UK retailer
Store as much as 100GB online, up to 6 times your iPad’s internal hard drive

PC World has today announced the launch of its new iPad Media Streaming service. Designed in collaboration with Livedrive, the iPad Media Streaming service allows iPad owners to store 100GB of media and data online. This can then be accessed and played through live streaming via a 3G or Wi-Fi network, all for the small cost of just £39.99 per year.

The launch of the service comes hot on the heels of the hugely successful Meet iPad service. Available as a consultation in-store, the service has seen thousands of iPad owners booking one to one consultations with Apple trained expert store staff to get expert advice on setting up and using the iPad to its fullest capability.

What it does

Available to buy at PC World stores throughout the UK, the iPad Media Streaming service lets owners take their iPads to a whole new level. The iPad Media Streaming service simply lets you back up the majority of your media and data files from your PC or Mac online and then lets you access them remotely through your iPad, effectively increasing its hard drive by a further 100GB.

This incredible service allows you to live stream your music, videos and photos direct from your online storage through this service and its software. Additionally you can even stream music, videos and photos from multiple PCs and Macs to your iPad over your home network, so you can enjoy your media from any computer in any room in your home.

How it works

iPad is great for email and web browsing, but it gets really exciting when you can play back your music collection, view your photos and even watch videos or movies! The only challenge is that you can’t get all of your existing media (music, video, documents etc) onto your iPad; everything has to be accessed through iTunes. The TechGuys’ iPad Media Streaming service solves this by allowing you to enjoy all your media on the iPad – even if the media is not in your iTunes library (3G/WiFi Connection required). And because it all streams from online storage, you can access your entire media library without filling up your iPad’s internal hard-drive!

Simple steps

After purchasing the software and service, all customers will have to do is register and install the software on their PC or Mac following the simple on-screen prompts and download the Media Stream app onto their iPad. Their PC or Mac will automatically scan for files to back up and they can then choose what they what to store online. This is a very simple and easy to use service which is set to change the way everyone views their iPad!

The iPad Media Streaming service is available at all PC World and Currys stores from today priced £39.99. To find out more about this or other iPad support services visit www.thetechguys.com