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Adobe Announces Updates to Adobe XD

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September 2018 Release of Adobe XD: Responsive Resize, Timed Transitions, and More

London, UK —2pm BST, September 18, 2018 — September brings an exciting update to Adobe XD, as we're now releasing new tools to help you easily design for multiple devices at different screen sizes, and introducing timed transition elements to add an extra realisms to your prototypes. 

With Responsive Resize, you're able to resize your design canvas and the elements on it (when creating a design for both an iPhone and an iPad, for example), while keeping the placement and scale of your design in place. Meanwhile, new Timed Transitions will allow you to simulate the effects of loading states, looping animations, and more. Add to that new improved full screen viewing experience (and the always popular addition of spell check) and XD has never been more powerful for designers who need to easily create prototypes that are as effective as they are easy to create. 

New to XD: Responsive Resize

Adobe XD has now added a responsive resize feature that allows you to resize groups of objects while keeping their placement and scalability. All you have to do is resize the group right there on the Design canvas, and XD will keep the relative spacing in place.

New to XD: Timed Transitions 

With the addition of time as a new trigger, you can now transition between artboards based on a specific delay. This is helpful while prototyping onboarding or decision flows. You'll be able to create looping animations using delays for auto-fade effects, spinners, loaders, progress bars, and more. 

New to XD: Spell Check

Spell check is now integrated in XD, meaning you'll have access to real-time spell checking directly on the design canvas. All you have to do is enable spell check in XD (it'll be on by default), and once you select text in your design, you'll see any potential spelling errors right there.

Pricing and Availability

The Adobe XD Starter plan is free and available immediately for all; users in an active trial of Adobe XD will need to update their version of the platform from the Creative Cloud desktop app or from to activate it. The free plan complements existing Adobe XD plans, including for individuals, teams and enterprises.

The £9.98/mo (incl. VAT) Adobe XD Single App plan gives Creative Cloud members unlimited shared prototypes and design specs. Additional details on plan options and pricing for each tier are available on Adobe’s website. 

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