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PaperStream Capture Pro

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  • Helps organisations of all sizes to increase efficiency of their document scanning processes
  • Flexibly transforms documents from many sources into valuable business data
  • Powerful and intuitive user experience and automated data extraction minimises administration

London, 09 November 2017 – Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Limited today unveiled PaperStream Capture Pro scanning software at the Fujitsu Forum in Munich. In combination with the fi Series and SP Series document scanners it enables organisations to quickly convert paper-based data into valuable business information. PaperStream Capture Pro helps organisations ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises and public services to minimise effort and complexity and boost the business efficiency of document capture processes.  

Flexibility and scalability

The software enables the scanning and consolidation of images from multiple sources. These can include document scanners of the Fujitsu fi Series and SP Series, but also scanned images generated from other electronic sources such as MFPs or network scanners. Even older legacy tiff files from fax machines are accepted for standardised capture using the same high-quality processes for image enhancement, quality control and processing. PaperStream Capture Pro manages the meta data of the scans, which once verified, can be used to automatically index the scanned files and release them to the desired back-end storage location e.g. local and cloud repositories, or ECM or DMS workflows according to preset rules and user profiles.  

Capture workflow for multiple users

Thanks to multi-station mode, administrators can share identical settings with up to 7 multiple users and implement decentralised operations. Capture resources can be flexibly expanded to suit an organisations structure, locations and size in order to efficiently distribute the workload and delegate the phases of the capture process to the relevant knowledge worker, e.g. for extraction, approvals or distribution of the data. Efficiencies can be gained from consolidating digitised inputs into one standardised capture process which ensures data quality and seamless processing. In addition, PaperStream Capture Pro comes with a lifetime license, so there is no worry about costs depending on page volume or frequency of use.  

Automated business integration

PaperStream Capture Pro automates the data extraction and indexing process, feeding business processes with quality data. Rich meta-data enhances the accessibility and utility of the image for downstream applications. Detailed reporting capabilities are included for monitoring scan station performance, indexing usage and batch releases. This enables improved workload balancing and performance measurement. Additional functionalities include the use of barcode and multi-zonal optical character recognition (OCR) to specify document separation methods and the application of up to 20 meta fields for file naming rules.

Powerful and intuitive user experience

PaperStream Capture Pro is equipped with an intuitive interface offering simple navigation and profile set-up, streamlining the process of converting paper into high-quality images and indexed information. A step-by-step wizard guides users effortlessly through set-up including scanned image output parameters and process rules. The seamless interaction of the scanner capture software PaperStream Capture Pro and the bundled image optimisation and driver software PaperStream IP eliminates potential conflicts that can occur when third-party products are used. Training or outsourced expertise is not required with this integrated solution and updates are simple and free of charge.

Optimal licensing with maintenance support included

Unlike most other professional capture software, the cost of your software does not increase as your scan volume increases. With PaperStream Capture Pro, whether you scan 1 million or 50 million documents your cost remains the same.

“PaperStream Capture Pro is a unique front end capture solution that dramatically reduces time and costs while maintaining the highest level of image quality,” states Mike Nelson, Senior Vice President, PFU (EMEA) Limited. “PaperStream Capture Pro and PaperStream IP combined with Fujitsu’s industry-leading scanners simplifies complex capture processes, from scanning to data management and storage.”