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VIP Unveils GeIL DDR3 Value, Ultra and XMP Series Memory

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VIP Computer Centre Ltd (VIP), the UK’s leading independent distributor of computer components and peripherals, today announced it is now stocking GeIL’s latest DDR3 memory; GeIL Value, Ultra and XMP Series.

DDR3 is the next-generation memory for personal computing, servers and other computing applications. It is now the highest performing memory with data transfer rates double the speed of DDR2 and will deliver higher clock frequencies with lower power consumption.

The GeIL XMP Series is available in a 2GB dual channel kit that clocks at 1600MHz, CL7-7-7-24 (VIP Order Code: 144636) and includes Intel’s Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP).  Intel® XMP provides an easy-to-use, high-performance DDR3 memory overclocking tool that requires no manual tuning, providing gamers with a significant gain in performance without the effort or expense.  Expert users still have the option to manually change specific parameters for a more aggressive set-up, so with this level of flexibility, GeIL XMP products are perfect for gamers of all abilities. 

The GeIL DDR3 Value Series does what it says on the tin – offers great value memory for the specification.  The range includes two 2GB versions, one rated at 1333MHz, CL7-7-7-24 (VIP Order Code: 222992) and the second at 1600MHz, CL8-8-8-28 (VIP Order Code: 123503).  The 4GB alternatives (2 x 2GB modules) are also rated at 1333MHz, CL9-9-9-24 (VIP Order Code: 112783) or 1600MHz, CL8-8-8-28 (VIP Order Code: 177317).

The GeIL DDR3 Ultra Series stands apart from the Value range in that it offers lower CAS latencies, with a choice of 2GB or 4GB with speeds ranging from 1333MHz all the way to speeds exceeding 2GHz!   The 2GB dual-channel kit operates at 1333MHz, CL6-6-6-24 (VIP Order Code: 102212) or 1600MHz, CL7-7-7-24 (VIP Order Code: 183094).  For a larger capacity, the 4GB version clocks at speeds of 1333MHz, CL6-6-6-24.

Phil Brown, Product Manager at VIP commented, “VIP are pleased to introduce GeIL XMP to our product portfolio to further enhance our commitment to the gaming and enthusiast market.  We hope that with the use of GeIL XMP pro-gamers, novices and everyone in between can take advantage of overclocking “right out of the box””.

Danny Chiu, Senior Account Manager at GeIL added, “GeIL is proud to announce the DDR3 Value, Ultra and Intel XMP products.  GeIL is honoured to be the only Taiwanese memory module manufacture, who has been invited to the XMP program by Intel.  GeIL will continue to strive for excellence in both product and service”.