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Coolergiant, the official UK source for the highly acclaimed Enermax range of power supplies for PC systems has just introduced a new model in its successful FMA AX series developed to provide a more cost effective solution for systems using dual graphics cards and delivering quiet operation and a power rating of 535Watts.

Meeting the latest ATX +12V ver 2.01 standards this new "All In One" family power supply offers the best cooling and most stable power output in its class, together with low noise operation, and actual energy saving for power users' high-end systems. In addition, two PCI Express power connectors fully support dual graphics technology and dedicated SATA connectors and a 20+4-pin mainboard connector ensures that this supply provides the ultimate performance.

Enermax power supplies feature independent 12V rails to separately supply motherboard, CPU and disk drives in order to provide stable and clean current to noise-sensitive devices, such as the CPU and add-on cards. It also separates the motherboard rails and video card rails to ensure maximum power to a PCI Express video card. This meets the latest UL 240VA safety requirements.

Dual fans provide more airflow enabling quiet operation. Fan speed can be manually varied using the rear panel control and is also automatically adjusted to prevent overheating. Fan speed can be monitored via the motherboard connector provided.
The latest Ring Core Technology effectively prevents electro-magnetic pulses or noise leaking out from the PC switching power supply to appliances attached to the same AC power source via the local mains wiring.

Finally, with its six levels of protection, Enermax has one of the highest protection standards on the market today. This latest advanced design offers OCP - Over Current Protection, UVP - Under Current Protection, OVP - Over Voltage Protection, OLP - Over Load Protection, OTP - Over Temperature Protection, and SCP - Short Circuit Protection.
Approved for both Intel and AMD based systems the EG565AX-VE (G) FMA delivers 535Watts and is available from the usual Enermax retailers for around £75