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Tuesday, 22nd February, 2005- Tagan is delighted to announce its “Two Force” series, named after its dual 12V rail. This is to accommodate the increase in the +12 VDC currents as system components that withdraw its power from the 12V rail are expected to demand more power than ever before. The latest development from Tagan complies with the new Intel ATX12V 2.01 power supply standard, which states in cases where expected current requirements is greater than 18A a second 12 V rail should be made available. The new specification also require a minimum measured efficiency to be 70% at full and typical (~50%) load and 60% at light (~20%) load.

So what will be the main benefits of the new Intel ATX12V 2.01 standard over the existing ATX12V 1.3? The new standard will allows PSUs to increase its power output enhancing its capability to run the ever power consuming components such as CPUs and graphics cards. It will also offer greater stability. The other benefit is the increase in the PSU’s efficiency, which means less power is lost as heat through the power supply and hence cheaper electricity for end users.

Tagan’s Two Force Series is believed to be the first PSU in the world to be compatible with both ATX12V 1.3 and ATX12V 2.01 standards. A switch at the back of the PSU allows users to alter between combining the 12V rail (ATX12V 1.3) or to separate the 12V rail (ATX12V 2.01). The Two Force Series will also be fully SLI ready, fully equipped with two independent SLI cables to power the latest graphics card in the market available today. Tagan’s latest offering has once again followed its philosophy of always being the first and being the best having previously been the first to introduce transformable mainboard connectors and the first to implement PCI Express in a PSU. The Tagan Two Force series will be showcased at CeBit, 10-16th March 2005 in Hall 19, Booth C05.