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Tagan introduce integrated PCI Express

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Tagan is pleased to announce that as of today the new batches of the Tagan 420 watt series and the Tagan 480 watt PSUs will have an integrated PCI Express connector instead of having a PCI Express adaptor. This will ensure greater power and performance. With an integrated PCI Express it will lead to greater stability and prevent loss of power during output. Tagan is the first PSU manufacturer to adapt an integrated PCI Express connector to a PSU and has once again set the standard within the PSU market.

The Tagan 420 series will still have one integrated VGA connector, whilst the Tagan 480 will remain to have two integrated VGA connectors. Tagan believe that with this latest development it allows users with greater flexibility, choice of using either VGA connector or PCI Express. Should you have any queries or would like to receive further information, please contact Wei-Jung Chiang on 0870 16 20 818.