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Tagan 420 watt (TG420- U01/ U02)

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16th September 2004, Tagan announce the TG420- U01 and TG420- U02 to be added to its existing 330, 380 and 480 watt PSU range to fill the gap. Tagan- young and innovative brand is now well established in the gamer’s PSU market aim to take the PSU market onto a new level with its latest innovation and design. The Tagan 420 models provide a solution for all Motherboard types, developed according to latest standards like ATX12V version 2.0, BTX12V and EPS12V. All versions within 420 Watt category are fitted out with transformable mainboard connectors 20 to 24 pin and 4 to 8 pin, which has been patented. Also included are two independent Serial ATA power connectors for SATA hard disks (according to ATX12V 1.3 & 2.0) and independent 12V/22A rail for stable powering of further peripheral devices.

The new Tagan 420 comes with a special PCI Express connector to run the latest ATI & NVIDIA graphics cards which require this particular connector. This is an important addition as many graphics card manufactures are to turn from the norm AGPX8 connector to the PCI Express connection. A new Tagan 480 watt is currently being developed and will be available within the next couple of weeks will have two independently powered graphics card connectors to offer greater power through PCI Express.

The Tagan 420 also offers an i-Xeye Version TG420-U02, in a black, clear chassis, with luminescent Tagan logo. The i-Xeye provides a nice and fancy illumination within every PC case. It is made for those people who like to be different and be unique. This is the only see through PSU that is CE certified due to the complication of the clear chassis.

The RRP is expected to be around £50.99 exc VAT for the TG420-U01, which does not have the fancy blue laminate lighting & £56.99 exc VAT for the TG420-U02 for those who wish to stand out from the rest. For further information please visit out website at