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Sharkoon launches SilentStorm Cool Zero PSU

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Linden, 17 January 2019 – Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals which boasts performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon presents the SilentStorm Cool Zero. This is an 80 PLUS Gold certified PC power supply with modern and superior components. Its high-quality features enable an efficient power supply and adjustable cooling. 

80 PLUS Gold Certification

The SilentStorm Cool Zero has been certified 80 PLUS Gold for its efficiency of up to 92 percent at 230 volts. This verifies that the power supply unit operates cost-effectively and is ideal for energy-conscious users.

Reliable and Stable due to High- Quality Components

Sharkoon has equipped the power supply with exclusively Japanese capacitors rated at 105 degrees Celsius and a 135 millimeter fan with a fluid dynamic bearing. The latter ensures a particularly quiet and reliable operation with an average lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

Highly Adaptable Cooling Behavior: “Fan Delay“ & “Zero RPM“

There are two switches on the back of the power supply that each activate one of two different fan functions. In the Fan Delay mode, the power supply fan continues to run for 60 seconds after shutting down. This avoids hot spots, removes remaining waste heat, and ensures complete system cooling. The Zero RPM mode fully stops fan rotation at low to medium load to enable a silent operation. When the Zero RPM mode is disabled, the fan constantly provides airflow at a low rotational speed, thus providing continuous cooling.

Stability and Longevity with Comprehensive Protection Features

In addition to high-quality capacitors, Sharkoon relies on state-of-the-art LLC resonant converter technology. This allows the SilentStorm Cool Zero to deliver a consistent and reliable voltage with high efficiency.

Of course, the power supply is equipped with all standard protection functions. Thus, it is armed against over current, over and under voltage, short circuits, overheating and overload. 

Fully Modular and RYZEN Compatible

Because of the fully modular cable system, only those cables on the power supply are used which are actually needed when connecting the hardware and peripherals. The entire wiring and the interior of the PC case thus remain tidy, and the air flow is not hindered by unnecessary cables. In addition, sockets for two 4+4-pin CPU connectors ensure 100% compatibility with AMD RYZEN mainboards

Price and Availability 

The Sharkoon SilentStorm Cool Zero power supply is now available in three classes of performance. The recommended retail price for the 650 watt model is 99.90 Euros, with 750 watts 109.90 Euros, and the 850 watt model is available for 119.90 Euros. 

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