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ENERMAX presents the new RevoBron TGA power supply series

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Hamburg 20th September 2018 Â– ENERMAX introduces the new RevoBron TGA (TUF Gaming Allicance) power supply series

ENERMAX, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance power supplies, has launched RevoBron TGA in partnership with ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance. RevoBron TGA is an ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance tested and certified gaming power supply that ensures compatibility with other gaming components in the alliance. The semi-modular gaming power supply is equipped with several innovations and supports a high industry standard, making it the ideal power supply for TUF gaming PCs.

Durable components 

RevoBron TGA has an efficiency of over 80PLUS® Bronze and also features a DC/DC circuit, 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic capacitors and dual +12V rails that make the power supply a stable and durable gaming power supply. The RevoBron TGA is equipped with a patented self-cleaning DFR™ (Dust Free Rotation) fan; the concept of DFR™ technology is to let the power supply fan run a self-cleaning spin for 10 seconds at startup to reduce dust buildup. 

Coolergenie fan controller 

RevoBron TGA contains Coolergenie, the intelligent 2-in-1 case fan controller with semi-fanless and fan-delay modes. The semi-fanless mode enables load-dependent switching off of the case fans for quiet operation. The controller has 3 modes: Whisper (fanless up to 40% load), Silent (fanless up to 55% load) and Off mode (disables fanless mode and the fans rotate according to their original settings). The fan delay function affects both case fans and CPU cooling fans. After shutting down the system, the fans continue to run for approximately 40-60 seconds to dissipate the remaining heat inside the case and extend the life of the components. 

Included T.B.RGB case fan 

The TUF Gaming Alliance power supply package comes with 3 additional T.B.RGB fans. With these, the gaming hardware can be properly highlighted. The T.B.RGB fans are ASUS AURA SYNC certified and allow the RGB lighting effects to be controlled via the mainboard software.

Availability and prices

RevoBron TGA 500W [ERB500AWT TR] : 94,90 € Manufacturer UVP incl. VAT.
RevoBron TGA 600W [ERB600AWT TR] : 99,90€ Manufacturer UVP incl. VAT.
RevoBron TGA 700W [ERB700AWT TR] : 109,90€ manufacturer UVP incl. VAT.

The market prices can deviate.

The new power supplies are available immediately in the market.

For more information about the products, visit the RevoBron product website or watch the YouTube video.

About Enermax

Founded in Taiwan in 1990, Enermax Technology Corporation has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of PC components such as power supplies, enclosures, fans, CPU coolers, memory solutions and other peripherals. Enermax works with certified manufacturing facilities to ensure the high quality and durability of its products. Enermax's own research and design centres ensure the continuous further development and innovative design of its products. In recent years, their innovations and ideas have repeatedly set new standards in the market. Subsidiaries and partners around the globe form an excellent network for the distribution of Enermax products as well as for ODM and OEM activities. Enermax coordinates its European business from Hamburg and organizes the supply of important European markets via the connected central warehouse.