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SilverStone launches ES01-PCIe

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ES01 is a convenient remote switch kit designed by SilverStone to wirelessly turn on/off and reset a computer. By utilizing existing standard 2.4GHz RF wireless technology, PCI or PCI Express x1 slot, and power/reset pin headers on a motherboard, the ES01 kit is easy to install and use within 20 meters of a connected computer. An included Y cable ensures your computer case’s own power and reset buttons can be used concurrently with the ES01 if needed. Users looking for a simpler security solution than software access control will find ES01 to be a good alternative. Those with computers located in hard to reach area or has special usage scenarios will also find the ES01 to be very handy.

Special Features:

  • Control your computer from anywhere in the room using 2.4GHz RF remote
  • 2.4GHz receiver PCI or PCI-E card included
  • Works as far away as twenty meter
  • Includes power / reset switch Y cable
  • Includes optional low profile expansion slot cover

You can find further information here:


The recommended End User price (excl. VAT):  14,96 USD

Goods will be available on Jan. 28th.