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Your iPad, Your Way - Belkin Introduces FlipBlade™ and Grip 360° + Stand

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Rushden, UK) – 3 November, 2010 – Belkin, the recognised leader in connecting people and technology, has today announced the launch of the Grip 360° + Stand and FlipBladeTM—portable solutions that celebrate the multifunctional use of the iPad. With the new Belkin solutions, iPad devices can be manipulated into just about any position, enhancing the ability to quickly and fluidly interact with content.

The Grip 360° + Stand is an all-in-one solution that transforms three ways; a carrying case, a handheld case, and a stand. A flexible hand strap provides a comfortable way to hold your iPad in your hand while you’re on the go. The hand strap allows for easy 360 degree rotation to view content at any angle, and when you’re at home or work, just remove the hand strap and attach the stand to position the iPad on any flat surface for comfortable viewing. The adjustable stand provides multiple viewing angles for gaming, reading, surfing the Web, or typing.

The slim FlipBladeTM is ultra-compact, providing solid support while boasting a sleek design. Its versatility enables you to view your iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation. It also opens easily for a quick setup, maximising your ability to use your iPad in a variety of ways and locations.

As an inherently portable platform, iPad users are interacting with content in different ways and in a variety of locations. These new Belkin solutions maximise freedom, providing many ways to experience content while allowing users to stay connected and mobile.

Grip 360° + Stand (F8N439cw) – £49.99

  • View your iPad your way with this unique all-in-one case
  • Transforms from a hand-held case to a stand
  • Adjustable stand allows for multiple viewing angles
  • Hand strap with 360-degree rotation
  • Hand strap made with flexible neoprene material to comfortably fit different-sized hands
  • Adds grip-ability to your iPad

Grip 360° (F8N455cw) – £34.99

  • Sleek iPad case with 360º rotation
  • Hand strap with 360-degree rotation made with flexible neoprene material to comfortably fit different-sized hands
  • Adds grip-ability to your iPad

FlipBlade™ (F5L080cw) – £19.99

  • Prop up your iPad with a portable folding stand
  • Slim, compact design
  • Use iPad in landscape and portrait modes


  • Available in Europe in November

To see a video of the new iPad 360° click this link: