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Milpitas, CA, September 17 2009 – Movea, Inc., the pioneer in motion-sensing technology for business communications, home entertainment and mobile computing, today unveiled its new and most elegant in-air mouse – the Gyration Air Mouse Elite. Responding to natural hand movements, the Air Mouse Elite frees presenters and PC users from the desktop, offering them an unprecedented level of interaction with presentation content, digital media, casual games and PC applications.

Movea’s proprietary motion-sensing technology allows Air Mouse Elite users to issue commands and initiate presentation effects by slight wrist movements performed in the air. The mouse’s accuracy and responsiveness is enabled by a technology that uses a tiny gyroscope to measure the angle and speed of movement to move a cursor between two points, thus allowing users to select content or enable features on the mouse simply by pointing in the air. Using radio frequencies, the mouse works up to 100’ away from the computer and is free from interference, even working through walls.

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite is also equipped with Movea’s powerful MotionTools™ software – a suite of effects and tools that recognizes hand gestures, helping to enliven and energize presentations. For example, a lecturer can turn the mouse cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer or pen, or gently swipe it in-air to activate embedded media and other special effects. With MotionTools™, users can orchestrate and deliver powerful presentations, or enjoy online entertainment – managing their fantasy football team from the couch, for example – with natural and intuitive hand movements.

“Whether in the boardroom, classroom or living room, presenters and digital media enthusiasts everywhere have used Gyration’s in-air mice to bring presentations to life and to control their entertainment while enjoying freedom of movement,” said Greg Smith, Vice President for Marketing at Movea, Inc. “The Air-Mouse Elite and the newly-improved MotionTools™ suite are the culmination of our continued commitment to allow customers to master the art of motion for more effective communications and more immersive entertainment experiences.”

The Air Mouse Elite weighs just 3.3 ounces and boasts a sleek, ergonomic design that works very comfortably for left- or right-handed users. It also includes a laser sensor for traditional desktop performance, making it ideal for those occasions when working at a desk or other flat surface is preferable. Customers wanting the full, stylish package also have the option to purchase a sleek, ultra-thin, lightweight, low profile wireless keyboard that is equipped with unique, soft touch key technology that delivers a whisper-quiet operation and can even help reduce typing fatigue.

The device will be available for purchase in the coming weeks with a suggested North American retail price of $99.99 or $149.99 when bundled with the low profile keyboard.

For more information on this and the family of Gyration motion-sensing products, visit www.gyration.com.