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Buffalo Technology announces Video Surveillance NAS solution for Axis Cameras

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TeraStationTM 5200 Network Video Recorder (NVR) with pre-installed AXIS Camera Companion interface offers seamless installation and management of IP surveillance networks designed specifically for small to medium business establishments. Buffalo also offers Technical Support out of one hand for the surveillance solution.

1st September 2014: Buffalo Technology, a globally leading provider of network attached storage, external storage and networking solutions, today announced the availability of the first product in a series of optimised products exclusively for Axis network cameras. The TeraStationTM 5200 NVR comes pre-installed with an interface for the IP camera management software ‘AXIS Camera Companion'. The whole setup for the solution is done with this software. Cameras, Storage and Recording are being controlled by it, management including viewing and exporting recorded video material work with this tool. The device therefore provides a complete turnkey video surveillance network attached storage (NAS) solution, offering extremely quick setup in a few minutes, redundant managed storage and continuous recording for use in conjunction with Axis network cameras. Buffalo's TeraStation NVR can record and archive video footage from up to 16 Axis network cameras, making it the ideal solution for small to medium businesses looking for an easy to use product, seamless installation and deployment of a reliable, all-in-one IP surveillance network with high storage capacity. 

Smaller businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels or petrol stations, want to update their video surveillance infrastructure due to the rapid advancement and adoption of digital technology. However, some businesses and installers have delayed this transition because they value the simple plug-and-play functionality associated with traditional analog surveillance systems. To address this concern, Buffalo and Axis have developed a partnership to benefit businesses and resellers with a versatile, high-performance IP surveillance network that can be effortlessly set up, maintained and stored over long periods, as well as deliver the unrivalled benefits of IP video such as HDTV-quality recording.

"The TeraStation NVR comes fully populated with HDDs, pre-installed with AXIS Camera Companion interface and with pre-configured RAID mirroring. Installers save eight hours or more when setting up the device because the RAID is pre-tested. Therefore takes just a few minutes", said Klaas de Vos, COO of Buffalo Technology Europe. "The TeraStation 5200 NVR with AXIS Camera Companion provides a feature-rich and cost-effective surveillance solution without complicated installation or advanced network configurations." 

TeraStationTM 5200 NVR

The TeraStation 5200 NVR is optimised to deliver video surveillance functionality with various features and capabilities:

  • Pre-configured for easy installation within less than 20 minutes
  • Supports up to 16 HDTV-quality Axis IP cameras
  • Equipped with two specially designed hot-swap NAS Edition hard drives (WD Red) to support 24x7x365 recording, providing increased reliability and longevity
  • Pre-Installed with AXIS Camera Companion video surveillance solution
  • Features Axis' One-Click camera and NAS configuration for seamless surveillance network deployment
  • Provides redundant dual drive NVR technology, eliminating downtime during HDD failures
  • Offers a scalable solution allowing months of continuous 24x7 recording and the ability to add cameras at any time (up to 16 total)
  • Supports AXIS camera compatible iOS and Android mobile apps for playback viewing. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Three-year warranty, technical support in eight european languages for the surveillance solution including cameras

One-Click Setup and Configuration

Axis Camera Companion software makes it easy to configure an Axis network camera to record to a NAS and can be used for live viewing and accessing recorded content. One-Click camera and NAS setup greatly simplifies the deployment of a camera network, determining the number of cameras on the network and allowing the user to select which cameras to manage. Once selected, Axis Camera Companion communicates with the NAS and automatically sets up users, quotas and specified shares, and then automatically configures the cameras to connect to the NAS. As a result, the installer never has to log into the NAS device or the cameras to have a fully functioning surveillance network with 3 cameras up and running in less than 20 minutes. Additionally, the system can operate with only the TeraStation 5200 NVR and the cameras running; no PC or server-based device is needed except for during setup or post-setup configuration and viewing.

"Buffalo's focus and investment in the physical security market is an exceptional example of how traditional IT technology vendors are speeding up the convergence of analog CCTV to IP-based systems," said Peter Friberg, Director of Solution Management at Axis Communications. "The combination of Axis network cameras with a pre-configured Buffalo NVR gives owners of small businesses or multiple branch locations a reliable, easy-to-use, high quality video surveillance solution that easily integrates with their existing infrastructure and budget."

All-in-one support

Buffalo is providing full support for the surveillance solution. If installers face issues the Buffalo Helpdesk will not only provide service for the TeraStation NVR but will also provide support for the Axis cameras and software.  

Pricing and Availability

The TeraStation 5200 NVR is available from now at an SRP of £669.99 (2TB, TS5200D0202S-EU), £839.99 (4TB, TS5200D0402S-EU) and £1,039.99 (8TB TS5200D0802S-EU). All TeraStation NAS solutions are backed by a three-year warranty that includes technical support and free HDD exchange for broken drives within 24 hours.

Experience the solution live

Buffalo Technology is exhibiting at security essen 2014, one of the worlds leading security fairs. It takes place September 23rd to 26th and you can experience the TeraStation 5200 NVR solution in hall 5, booth 116. For more information please visit:

About Buffalo Technology

Buffalo is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. The company is recognised as the Number 1 total PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan, and was the worldwide consumer NAS market leader six years in a row (In-Stat). Headquartered in Japan, Buffalo Technology has European offices in the UK, France, Russia and the Netherlands. For more information and a store finder, visit

About Axis Communication

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