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Buffalo further enhances its leading wireless range

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New wireless devices boost network and connectivity speeds for homes and businesses

London, UK, 12 September 2013: Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of market-leading storage and wireless networking solutions, today announces the latest additions to its pioneering AirStation wireless family.

The new products consist of the AirStation Wireless N300 Routerthe Wireless N600 Dual Band Routerthe Wireless N300 USB Dual Band Adaptor, as well as the Wireless AC866/N300 and the Wireless AC1300/N450 Gigabit Dual Band Routers.

AirStationTM Wireless N300 Router

Buffalo's latest wireless innovation delivers 802.11gn speeds and HighPower WiFi, allowing seamless and secure connectivity to multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, without compromising on security levels. The router can also be used as a WDS extender, meaning home and office users are provided with maximum coverage levels, penetrating even the hardest to reach corners.

AirStationTM N600 Dual Band Router

Similarly, the new and affordable dual band Wi-Fi router operates on both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands, allowing faster browsing and streaming. The N600 Dual Band Router enables users to connect multiple internet-enabled devices securely, including gaming consoles, TVs and laptops with no risk to performance or speed.

AirStationTM Wireless AC866/N300 and Wireless AC1300/N450 Gigabit Dual Band Routers

Both HighPower 11ac Gigabit Dual Band Routers feature the latest in wireless technology, capable of delivering outstanding transfer speeds over 700Mbps, enabling more effective and efficient multi-device management and connectivity for home and office users. 

The products are versatile, 3-in-1 devices that can be used as a dual-band Wi-Fi Router, bridge or network extender, perfect for high speed data streaming and gaming with no effect on overall performance or speed. They offer users enhanced wireless experiences with the support of beamforming technology. Beamforming optimises signal energy and enhances the operation of the wireless device, and then specifically targets supported mobile devices and laptops that are connected to the router.

The devices allow users' to connect up to five network-enabled devices to their existing wireless network, making them perfect for high-speed data streaming and gaming.

AirStationTM Wireless N300 Dual Band USB 2.0 Adaptor

The latest addition to Buffalo's dual-band router line-up is a compact and cost-effective solution to efficient cable-free networking. Supporting AOSS and WPS, the device promises a user-friendly and secure setup, delivering stable and uninterrupted 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz network connections.

Paul Hudson, Sales Director for Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology, said: "These new products further enhance Buffalo's wireless offering and are a testament to our guarantee of delivering innovative and high-performing wireless products. All of these devices significantly improve both home and office users' wireless networking and connectivity options."

About Buffalo Technology

Buffalo Technology is a global manufacturer of innovative storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products for the home and small business. The company is recognised as the Number 1 total PC peripheral manufacturer in Japan, and was named the worldwide consumer NAS market leader 6 years in a row.

The company's storage products are addressing the needs of the individual and the business, providing cost-effective network attached storage (NAS), portable and desktop hard drives, multimedia players, and Wireless LAN routers, which together offer a complete and integrated solution for the small office and digital home environment.

Headquartered in Japan, Buffalo Technology has offices in the UK, France, The Netherlands, USA and Taiwan. For more information please visit